Quoting Quiverfull: Watching Israel Thrills Debi?

Quoting Quiverfull: Watching Israel Thrills Debi? January 11, 2015
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by Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy magazine – The Crown of Loving His Appearing

Editor’s note: We’re skipping over Debi Pearl’s mentions of Hitler but if you must see her words on Hitler and the Jews it is up at the above link. This reads like vicarious martyrbating for End Times along with her usual put-downs on the secular world. One thing about Debi, she sure knows how to throw shade at people who aren’t her version of saved. 

Yes, in my youth all my friends were thrilled with the knowledge of Israel becoming a nation—a living, thriving nation—and it was happening; we watched the cursed fig tree begin to put forth leaves.  While the secular newsmen concerned themselves with The Civil Rights Movement, the murder of President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Vietnam War, the lunar landing, the Woodstock Music Fest, drugs and other front-page news, we watched Israel, because the Word of God clearly focuses end-time events around Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

The secular news was interesting and life-changing to Americans, but what interested God interested those of us who “loved His appearing.” We listened with breathless attention to the news of nation after nation coming against the weak, impoverished people, and laughed when we read that cardboard cutouts of tanks (attached to Jeeps) presenting their silhouette to hundreds of Egyptian tanks coming through the pass caused the invading army to pause for over 24 hours until Israeli reinforcements could arrive. We laughed at the pictures of the Arabs’ boots and weapons lying upon the ground beside their cumbersome weapons of war and the barefoot prints in the sand where they had run for home. Who can forget the Six Day War, when the Jews defeated ten times their number? The oft-repeated joke was, “Why did the war last only six days? Because the Jews must worship on the Sabbath.” Another joke was, “Why do the new Egyptian tanks have three reverse gears and only one forward gear? In case the Jews attack from the rear.”

It was not easy becoming a nation while surrounded by countries whose religious creed demanded their destruction.  Survival was possible only by extreme sacrifice from everyone—men, women and children. We read about how the goats were trained to stand over the babies, feeding them while their mothers worked the land during the day and stood guard at night against the constant brutal attacks. We read how the new settlers planted thousands of eucalyptus trees in the swamps to drink up the water, recovering vast areas of wasteland. The land literally bloomed under their care. We watched Nobel prizes being awarded to the thinkers of this tiny recovered nation for their profound medical and scientific advances; just a handful of people struggling to live from day to day, yet they produced some of the world’s greatest minds. Clearly God’s hand was there, blessing, encouraging and protecting.  And we all knew that with this miracle of fulfilled prophecy came a promise, a promise that involved us.

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