Quoting Quiverfull: Avoiding ‘The World’ While You Wait For Mr. Godly Right?

Quoting Quiverfull: Avoiding ‘The World’ While You Wait For Mr. Godly Right? February 16, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Lisa from Young Keepers Of The Home – When You Become Jealous Of The World

Editor’s note: This young woman seems to be throwing some very serious shade at those not in the CPM world. Did she learn this at the knee of Debi Pearl because it sounds very much like what Debi teaches in her book on waiting to be married ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’

When I explain the kind of lifestyle that my family and I live to friends or extended family, they ask the all too familiar question, “Don’t you have a life?” or something to that extent. *sigh* (the pressures and demands of the 21st century!) If by “life” you mean parties, drinking, drugs, sex, a cool car, fashionable clothes and plenty of boyfriends, then no, I don’t have a “life.” But if you mean peanut butter and jelly fingers, tickle fights, gardening, learning ABC’s with toddlers, dancing to “Let it Go” with sisters and water fights with brothers, then you bet I have a life!

This question normally comes from people who have spent their life comparing themselves to others, striving to be the next best thing. They want to be envied by others so they pursue a life of pleasure, money, men/women, material things such as cars, clothes ect.

Comparing yourself to others is a big fad in this world today. We compare ourselves to the latest celebrity-the neighbor next door with the perfect house and boat, the latest trend, the girl we saw in the movie, ect.

But comparing ourselves to secular people or life-styles can be a very dangerous thing. It distracts us from the here and now and takes our joy away from the simple pleasures that we once found happiness in. Our focus shifts from the joy of our Salvation in Christ, to the things of this world. We no longer have the innocent happiness that comes when we accept Christ into our lives. It is stained with thoughts and longings for secular happiness and standards that can only be met by complying with the world.

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