Quoting Quiverfull: Indoctrinating Your Children Jack Hyles Style?

Quoting Quiverfull: Indoctrinating Your Children Jack Hyles Style? February 17, 2015

bquotingquiverfully Jack Hyles of Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana from his book “How To Rear Infants”

Editor’s note: This was posted on Bruce Gerencser’s blog and it reveals the way that children (and everyone else) are pressured to worship the preacher in Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches. That theology has not worked out well, has it, if you go by the examples of Hyles, Jack Schaap and countless other IFB preachers who’ve ended their careers in scandals born from their absolute control over others.

Children should be taught that God has given to them a preacher. That preacher is God’s man to lead them, to teach them, to preach to them, and to guide and instruct them concerning their lives. It is important for a family to have a man of God just like it is important to have a family doctor, a family dentist, etc. For that matter, it is even more important! The parents should never criticize God’s man but should train their children to love and respect him.

This can be done in many ways. One of the most important ways is to lead the child to pray for the preacher many times a day. Every time he bows his head to say grace or to say his “Now I lay me” prayers, he should pray for his preacher. He should get an early impression that one of the most important persons in the world is God’s man, his pastor.

The nursery workers at First Baptist Church have little bibs made for the babies. On each bib is printed, “I love my Preacher.” This is very important.

The child should feel that he has a friend in the pulpit and that that friend loves him and is very wise. The time will probably come when the parents will need the pastor in the rearing of the child. It often is true that a time comes when the only hope of saving the child is the pastor. If the parents have been critical of him or have a negative attitude toward him, the children will develop such an attitude and will not come to the pastor when they need him in a period of crisis…

…When I was an infant my mother started a little ritual. Every night she would put me on her knee, hold her Bible in front of me and say, “Son, the Bible is the Word of God.” Then she would ask me to repeat after her those words. Three times she would do this. Then she would tell me that Jesus is the Son of God. I would have to repeat it after her. Again she would say it and again I would repeat it. A third time she would say it and a third time I would repeat it. She then told me that I should always believe those two great truths. Now I do not recall when she started it; I do know she started this practice long before I could comprehend what was going on, but as far back as I can remember I can see my mother teaching me that Jesus is God’s Son and that the Bible is God’s Word.

She would then mention some kind of sin and warn me concerning its evil. One night she would take a whiskey ad. She would hold it up before me and say, “Whiskey – bad, bad, bad, bad! Whiskey – bad, bad!” Then I was required to say, “Whiskey – bad, bad!” She would then get a frown on her face, tear up the ad, throw it on the floor and stomp on it. She would shout, “WHISKEY – NO, NO! WHISKEY – BAD, BAD!”

Mother was trying to associate bad words with whiskey. I do not know when she started this. I do know it was before I realized it, and the association between the words “whiskey” and “no” made a lasting impression on my mind and life…

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  • Side note, but just the title “How to Rear Infants” made me cringe – infants are not to be “reared.” They are to be cuddled and cared for, snuggled, fed, bathed, changed, and tickled. And last but not least, vaccinated.

  • KarenH

    Interesting how the man who grew up being taught that the Bible is the Word of God has conveniently forgotten how that Word of God teaches us NEVER EVER EVER to unconditionally accept the teachings of a preacher based on his say-so, but to constantly hold the preacher/teacher up to the Word of God and to correct him vigorously when he’s wrong.

  • Nightshade

    Mr. Hyles should go back to that so-important polishing of his shaft. And you can take that any way you like.

  • Rebecca Horne

    I’m thinking through the relationships I had with the ministers at the church I grew up in, and the one I actually knew, liked, and followed? Nobody had to tell me to be impressed by him. He just behaved in ways that were worthy of respect.

    This preacher can’t be all that impressive, if children have to be deliberately brainwashed into believing he’s impressive.

  • Friend

    Bibs. Just… bibs.

  • Rachel

    Once the youth group of my IFB church took a field trip to Hammond, IN for a conference that was being held at First Baptist Church which included a visit to Hyles-Anderson College. Two straight days of prayer and preaching… not my idea of fun.

    That being said, preacher-worship is strong within the IFB community. I can’t tell you how many times I would ask a friend “Why do you believe (such and such),” to which she inevitably replied “Because Pastor said so!” I once had a friend who loved the Phantom of the Opera. I first watched it because she was obsessed with the movie! Once I finally did get around to seeing it and wanted to talk to her about it, she said she didn’t like it anymore because “Pastor Jack Schaap says Andrew Lloyd Weber is a Satan-worshiper.”

  • Astrin Ymris

    As soon as I read this, I Googled “Jack Hyles sex scandal”. I figured it was that or misappropriation of funds. A pastor who goes to such lengths to inflate his status to near-godly heights has some fleecing in mind.

    Turned out it was both.


  • It makes sense. Start indoctrinating them as young as possible and they’ll learn not to notice the emperor is buck-naked, let alone mention or do anything about it. I am so glad that son of a bitch is behind bars.

  • Joy

    “The nursery workers at First Baptist Church have little bibs made for the babies. On each bib is printed “I love my Preacher”. This is very important.”

    LOL. Seriously? Why on earth would anyone waste money on that?

  • Saraquill

    Treating a preacher like that sounds like idolatry.

  • Saraquill

    Someone is passive-aggressively showing contempt towards the preacher by making babies droll and vomit all over the phrase?

  • Amarad

    “The parents should never criticize God’s man but should train their children to love and respect him.”

    “The child should feel that he has a friend in the pulpit and that that friend loves him and is very wise.”

    Not creepy at all. Certainly not setting the kid or parents up for idolatry, abuse, manipulation. That has never happened Ever.

  • Turned out it was both.

    *wince* BURN!!! Lemme get some Rawst Berries, he’s gonna need more than one…

  • Nea

    The parents should never criticize God’s man
    ESPECIALLY when God’s man is breaking the laws of both God and man.

  • Anonyme

    What?! VACCINES? But they’re full of mercury and aborted babies! And they cause autism and atheism! 😉

  • Astrin Ymris

    Actually, Jack Hyles died in 2001; it’s just that his legacy of narcissistic, over-entitled preachers lives on.

  • Sometimes you wonder, what’s the use? I do think that churches were children are truly treasured should have a ‘safe’ room where a kid can go and know they are going to be protected, no matter what. When I was in charge of youth at our parish, this is what we did. Then again, in our diocese anyone who works with children must have background checks and so many accredited hours of training before they can be in a room, alone with a child. One of the suggestions was to establish a location where a child, young person could go and literally have refuge – and know that a ‘safe’ person would be there as quickly as possible. They knew when they took that step, we would do what ever was necessary, including calling social services, the cops, what ever. That, though is not indoctrination. You tell a kid that “I love my pastor” and well – just what kind of love is that pastor going to require? They’re being brainwashed – and perfect fodder for a pedophile.

  • Nea

    if they die of preventable childhood diseases, they were weak and it was God’s will!

  • SAO

    What’s this? The Kim Jong Un manual on child rearing with every mention of Juche replaced with Jesus?

  • Joy

    One can only hope!