Quoting Quiverfull: Ladies Against Feminism Losing It Over ’50 Shades of Grey’

Quoting Quiverfull: Ladies Against Feminism Losing It Over ’50 Shades of Grey’ February 15, 2015

quotingquiverfullfrom Ladies Against Feminism and the seven quoted articles they tagged about sex, perversion and the movie ’50 Shades of Grey’. 

Editor’s note: Wow, seven articles about sexuality, pornography and what LAF considers perversion in just a couple of days? Sounds like someone has some sexuality issues they’re working out. They don’t even put up this many articles at once about abortion near Right To Life Sunday. For years at NLQ we’ve theorized that large parts of the patriarchy is obsessed with sex, as much sex as they can get, like the Pearl’s honeymoon tale or Vaughn Ohlman’s insistence you get married young to keep from committing sexual sin, but we’ve never examined the female psyche in regards to sex beyond ‘don’t do it before marriage’ This is all so very telling that LAF is condemning ’50 Shades’ not because of the trampling of the ideas of sexual consent or other morally squishy things about the movie and series, but because it might be porn according to their definition. Here are the seven quotes and links they offered:

1. Tim Challies – 10 Articles on Pornography

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and, thanks to one surprising bestseller and its new film adaptation, the whole world is buzzing about pornography and deviant sexuality. 50 Shades has done everything it can to beat and brutalize an otherwise sweet occasion. The day of hearts and flowers has been turned into a day of whips and chains. It’s abhorrent.

Sadly, pornography is one of those subjects I have written about many times over the years. I did not set out to write so many articles, and even a short book, on the subject. Yet as someone who has invested a lot of effort in discipling young adults, and who has at the same time been attempting to make sense of the digital explosion, it has been sadly inevitable.

Here are ten articles I’ve written on the subject of pornography and deviant sexuality.

2. Joe Carter: The Gospel Coalition – Rejecting The Industrialized Sex of ’50 Shades Of Grey’

I was reminded of Berry’s insight because of the release of the new film, 50 Shades of Grey, which epitomizes and promotes this view of industrialized sex. Too much has already been written about the stupidity and vulgarity of the novel, so I won’t waste time rehashing why no Christian should engage with that pornography. Instead, just as Berry offers advice on how to recover the pleasures of eating from consumerism, I want to offer a few modest suggestions for how Christians can recover sex from industrialization.

3. John Piper: Desiring God – You Can Say No To Porn

Not all sexual desire is lust. God made sexual desire. It has its good place and it can, in fact, become an act of worship in the temple of marriage. But lust is sexual desire gone wrong. Here’s my definition:

Lust is a sexual desire that dishonors its object and disregards God. Disregards the promises and the warnings of having or losing the beauties of Christ.
The lusted-after woman or man in your head, or on the screen, or on the street, is dishonored — not treated as a sacred, precious, eternal person made in the image of God, whose eternal destiny is always paramount, and whose holiness we either long for or ignore. And the only way this dishonor can be so daringly carried out is by disregarding God while we are in the sway of our lust — disregarding the promises and warnings of having or losing the beauties of Christ. So lust is a sexual desire that dishonors its object and disregards God. Ponder with me for a few minutes the natural and the spiritual role of self-control in relation to lust. .

4. John Jalsevac: The Life Site – Even the co-stars of the movie think 50 Shades of Grey is awful (and maybe even a bit like Hitler)

I kind of have to pity Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, the co-stars of the forthcoming cinematic adaptation of E.L. James’ best-selling book 50 Shades of Grey.

Unfortunately for the pair, once the initial excitement of receiving the casting call had abated, they still had to go through the process of actually playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele: i.e. two of the most vapid, one-dimensional and unsympathetic characters ever, drawn from a book that, when you actually read it, you discover is basically a plot-less, poorly-written, 500-page glorification of misogyny and domestic abuse, based around a bunch of weird and unpleasant sexual practices.

Which is a bit of a letdown. And which is probably why Johnson and Dornan have been so painfully ambivalent about the film during their recent press tour appearances. Actually, that’s being way too kind. After all, what do you call it when one of the lead actors kind of, sort of appears to compare the 50 Shades phenomenon to…well…Hitler.

5. End Sexual Exploitation.Org – The Reality of a “Fifty Shades” Relationship

Truth has one shade and this is what it looks like. The mass media and throngs of women are swooning over the “love story” Fifty Shades of Grey. However, this cultural phenomenon’s impact to society will only serve to romanticize sexual violence and excuse domestic abuse.

While thousands of women are fantasizing about the controlling and abusive Christian Grey from the book, there are many women dealing with the horrors of actually living with men like him

6. Marshall Segal: Desiring God – Fifty Shades of Nay: Sin Is A Needle, Not A Toy

Fifty Shades of Grey releases in major theaters this Friday, not surprisingly — and yet ironically — just a day before our annual celebration of love. The series of erotic novels exploring sexual domination and even violence (tragically) has sold over 100 million copies and has been translated into 52 languages. Yes, America has exported these scenes and this message in 52 languages to who knows how many countries.

Full disclosure: I have not read the books or seen the movie, and I will not. I’ve read about the story and have seen a trailer. I believe I’ve learned enough to write and warn my brothers and sisters in Christ (the lead male’s name is “Christian” for crying out loud). In a society that downplays the evil of evil, and even glamorizes it, we need to be regularly reminded of the danger of sin. Like a child that discovers a needle on the street and thinks it’s a toy, we can be dangerously naïve about what’s happening in our American entertainment.

7. Jay Younts: Shepherd Press – Fifty Shades: A sexual assault on your daughter

Let’s get one thing clear. The Fifty Shades movie opening this Valentine’s Day weekend is an assault on young women and God’s institution of marriage. Pleasure is found in pain, in yielding to the lusts of perverted men who whose desire is to dominate women. This is somehow packaged as the ultimate sexual / romantic adventure.

This marketing lie appears to be effective. All indications are that this 100 minute long movie will dominate the box-office, perhaps even setting records for a Valentine’s Day weekend.

For years Hollywood’s message has been:
Sex is about sensual experience, pain, and perversion.
Biblical love is outdated and dull.
Experience is ultimate.
Pornography is the best venue for learning about sex.

Make no mistake, this movie is about seducing and enslaving a generation of young women into the dark world of lust, sensuality, and domination.

Not one of those ranting about the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie seems to realize that a) if they object so much to the movie they are free not to see it and b) the domination and demanding sex behavior of the main male character isn’t much different than the behavior of many patriarchs in the CPM. Wasn’t there also supposed to be a ‘Good Christian’ ™ movie titled ‘Old Fashioned’ supposed to be released the same day as a counterpoint to ’50 Shades’?  Very odd all of this…

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  • I hate to say this, but my idea of hot pornography is Colin Firth’s bathtub scene in “Pride & Prejudice” – or the swimming scene. In true Regency society, stripping off the cravat, coat, waistcoat, and unbuttoning the shirt – and then talking to a woman of society was almost as bad as walking nakked (southern term for being up to no good, as in naked is art). I can’t see all the excitement about whatever shades of gray. This said, I think it is hilarious how many seemingly modern men – young ones, just don’t approve of it, and appear to be more prudish than women. If you want hot hot hot, how about the after party ‘romantic’ scenes from “The Thomas Crown Affair”?

    It’s all about control, and the fact that women just can’t be trusted anymore. I bet poor John Piper does have his undies in a wad, and not in a good way. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help it). It is at this point where one must ask if Bill Gothard sneaks in wearing a trench coat, with extra socks in his pocket.

  • Mary

    I dunno, reading those quotes it seems to me that many of the objections are the same as the objections that Ladies Enthusiastically In Favor of Feminism tend to have: “a plot-less, poorly-written, 500-page glorification of misogyny and domestic abuse, based around a bunch of weird and unpleasant sexual practices.”

    I mean, one person’s “weird and unpleasant” is another person’s “new and thrilling,” and of course these folks would focus more on that part than a group of feminists would. But I’m actually pretty impressed that they seem to be able to see beyond that and object to the “glorification of misogyny and domestic abuse” part, and the “plot-less, poorly-written” parts as well. Good for them, for noticing and caring.

  • Allison the Great

    They lose their shit over something that can’t even be considered porn, it’s just fan fiction.

    People have been fantasizing about sex, watching people have sex, drawing people have sex, etc, etc for as they’ve been having sex. It’s how we’re biologically wired.

  • Brennan

    What’s ironic, is that from everything I’ve heard and read about the trilogy, Anastacia Steele reads the CPM ideal of the long-suffering woman (once you get past the spanking and the extra-marital sex and the wanting-to-have-sex).

    Girl meets boy. Girl is immediately infatuated with boy, but keeps it to herself until he propositions her. Girl enters into a contractual agreement whereby she submits to boy “in all things.” Girl is immediately unhappy (and even traumatized) by boy’s desires and sexual appetites, but tolerates them because she doesn’t want to end up alone with her cats. Girl never speaks a bad word about boy, even when her friends are worried about her. Girl tolerates emotional abuse and isolation. Girl lies to her friends about how she got hurt. Girl continues to submit to sex on demand whether she wants it or not.

    And how does the trilogy end? With her love and innocence “saving” him from his “deviant” desires, after which he becomes the ideal sweet, doting partner. When you get right down to it, Ana fits in perfectly with Jim’s wife from Created to Be His Help Meet (except that Ana commits that terrible sin of running away after he abuses her).

    *Disclaimer: I do not believe BDSM is inherently abusive. However, I will never stop believing that it is abusive and evil to spank someone who has repeatedly stated that they don’t want to be spanked, as Ana has. FSoG fails as a romance (among other reasons) because Ana is emphatically not into kink, so every other page is a massive violation of her boundaries.

  • SAO

    Strikes me as a slam dunk for the LAF. As I understand it, the movie and the book are full of dubious sex with nothing redeeming. It means they can trumpet their moral superiority without missing a good book or a good movie. I personally find the trailers make me gag.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Have you seen the trailer substituting Steve Buscemi for Christian Grey? Makes the movie look a whole lot better. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnGX4FuIK60

  • Nea

    I will argue that very often, fanfic is pornographic. The good stuff, anyway. 🙂

  • Amarad

    Yeah, 50 Shades (besides being STUNNINGLY poorly-written) is basically a CPM dream-story. The good girl submits to all kinds of blatant emotional manipulation, domestic violence, abuse, stalking, and ignoring of her wishes, but through her patience ‘saves’ and ‘reforms’ the ‘bad boy’.

    It just uses a few bdsm terms instead of Jesus and Bible. If you did an find-replace on the text to insert bible quotes instead of the faux “this is totes how bdsm works” excuses for the Psychos behavior, the story would not change.

    It’s offensive to BDSM because it conflates an already poorly-understood kink with abuse, pedophilia (second and third books) and loss of agency. Instead of very careful communication, trust, boundaries and consent. Key f’ing word is >consent<.

    But LAF isn't concerned about consent, rape culture or domestic abuse. Or the portrayal of bondage as abuse. This is the same crew convinced that marital rape isn't even a thing. But there's sex on the screen! BOOGAH BOOGAH!

    It's three books of disturbing and clear depiction of a controlling and emotionally abusive relationship. It is domestic violence. The second two give you the horrible awfulness of reading/watching the utter BS domestic abuse
    trope of "BUT I CAN CHANGE HIM!" and ends with him getting exactly what he wants out of her.

    if you want a really good and scary breakdown of the *blatant* abuse present in just the first
    half of the trilogy, without having to touch the cursed thing, this is a *very* good read:

  • Edie Moore McGee

    What she said.

  • Nightshade

    They are bitching about domination over women??! Excuse me, I’ll be back when I can type straight, hysterical laughter isn’t helping.

  • Having written The Good Stuff, I can definitely say that porn has it’s place in fanfiction, though given that it’s JUST words and not pictures, you can still let children read it without running into age restrictions, which is STRANGE AS HELL to me.

  • Astrin Ymris

    The problem is, ’50 Shades’ isn’t even good fanfic.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Meh, I was reading in the adult section of the library from 5th grade on. If I encountered something which was “above my developmental level” I just skimmed past it until what I thought of as “the story” started up again.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    It started as Twilight fan fic gone strange….

  • Astrin Ymris

    I dunno… I think it’s more likely that they’ve read what feminists said about ’50 Shades’ and are parroting it without understanding WHY they were saying it. Kinda like Vaughn and and the “logical fallacies” which didn’t exist.

  • Astrin Ymris

    There’s a lot of fanfic that goes decidedly perpendicular to canon. I’ve actually had writers excuse blatant OOCness on the grounds that “It was necessary to make the story work.” I was also recently asked to stop reading a fic because I kept referencing reality in my concrit.

    Now that I think about it, that interchange was about domestic violence, too. I called BS on the fact that the staff at a drug rehab was urging a patient who’d been punched in the face by his boyfriend to “patch things up” with the boyfriend, because said boyfriend seemed so sad and depressed.

  • If the story requires characters going into blatantly unbelievable territory in order to “work”… maybe the story is the one that needs to change in that relationship? Just sayin…
    Damn, there are times I wish I ran in similar fandoms to some of y’all, ’cause I could use any pointers I can get in terms of story development and characterization. Considering I’ve got a better than workable grasp of things like grammar and spelling I’m ready to develop the *next* level of skills. *chuckle* Sadly, in fanfiction, the first level isn’t always to be taken for granted.

  • Oddly, those were my favorite parts for a time. I started reading *actual* “romance novels” when I was around sixteen, but gave them up fairly quickly until I was well into adulthood. Of course, my fifth grade reading time included Lord of the Rings, so I’ve been “reading above my grade level” for a while.
    Didn’t start even *trying* to write the stuff until I was in college, go figure.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Yeah, I know. 15 years ago when I was involved in fan fic I remember how some of the fan fic written about a squad of distinctly hetero cops had them engaging in a homosexual orgy on a bar counter and other going completely against the known behaviors in that particular show. Everyone wants to remake the characters into what they think should be.

  • Leigh Andrews

    But, but, but … It has to be domination OUR way!

  • Nightshade

    I have. That one might be worth watching!

  • katiehippie

    Industrialization of sex? What does that even mean?

  • Anonyme

    I’m glad some of them recognized that the “romantic” relationship in the book is heavily abusive. Oh, and the horrible writing. My inner goddess is nodding in agreement, idly reading through the comments. My subconscious looks on with a neutral expression. (See, E.L. James? I can make myself sound like I have multiple personalities, too!).

  • Astrin Ymris

    Slashers slash– it’s what they do. ;-D

    I don’t mind it if authors have written-as-straight characters “come out” if they retain the same personality otherwise. After all, one person’s “distinctly heterosexual” is another person’s “deeply closeted”.

    It’s turning an introverted, borderline-Asperger’s character into a campy, manipulative clubber which is a true sin against canon.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Have you checked some of your fandom’s sites to see if there’s a page to advertise for a beta? Or asked a favorite fanfiction author if they’ll beta-read your fic?

  • It’s been so long since I posted anything in terms of fanfic that I’m not entirely certain what’s available and what’s not. The ElfQuest piece I was doing has been “in development” since 2003 and I’m still stalled at the end of the Original Quest. That one got flaming accusations of Mary Sue-itis when I first posted it on Fanfiction.net but since I was simply *unapologetic* about the OC’s Mary Sue tendencies things calmed down over time since she doesn’t avoid the consequences of being a Mary Sue.
    The other big one is my rewrite of Final Fantasy 12 with an OC in the mix and that story ultimately ended up reversioned into Castellan Dreams. Considering the original run for Castellan Dreams was 2007 to 2009… well, it’s been quite a while since any work on the fanfic version happened.
    Other than that all I’ve had lately has been some scattered work on some Pokemon stories, but since they involve Pokephilia in some cases… well, they haven’t been publicly posted anywhere.
    I may have to work on some of those Pokemon pieces again, though, if I can’t get my brain working on anything else.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    If only when they were doing all the language translations they could have fixed the grammar and utterly crap writing parts too.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I *love* at least 50 shades of gray, there are so many at sherwin williams that I can’t make myself choose just one! Of all the neutral colors, gray is my favorite!

  • Astrin Ymris

    IOW, no fandom I can help you with, or know enough about to even advise you… 🙁

    It’s hard for OC-heavy fiction to gain traction with readers because usually fans want to read about the fandom characters they love, not this dude or chick they don’t even know. This is especially so when you’re talking about a Mary Sue/Gary Stu; it’s usually about as much fun watching TV “with” someone who insists on channel-surfing while keeping exclusive control of the remote. Though parodies of the meme can work, as you’ve found.

    Now, I can think offhand of OCs that I’ve grown to love, so it’s not an absolute rule. You just have to introduce them with the understanding that they’re supporting characters, not stars, and avoid the temptation to make them too perfect or have them upstage the primary characters with their awesome sauce. If your readers start requesting you write stories centered around your OC, you’ll know that you’ve succeeded.

    Good luck!

  • Astrin Ymris

    If anything, you’d think “industrialization of sex” refers to Militant Fecundity.

  • Nea

    It’s offensive to BDSM because not only do non-BDSM people think that it’s “realistic” and tar everyone in the scene with the same brush, the scene is getting filled up with dangerous clueless Christian wannabes.

  • Nea

    I wish folks like that would write an alternate universe and be done with it.

  • Em

    Can we get through even one day without some sort of wildly unjustified Hitler reference? “Hitler” and “Nazi” aren’t just some magic words to help get your point across. Coming across books movies and people you don’t like aren’t the same things as persecution.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    I have a feeling I’m going to regret asking this, but what is Pokephilia?

  • Short form, since I just lost my long form answer, Pokemon and Humans “getting it on”.

  • Brennan

    What’s weird is, I almost think it works better as fanfic. Maybe because I’ve always enjoyed any kind of AU, but I have a particular appreciation for stories that use their “what if” scenario to make a point. (i.e. “What if Sam and Dean Winchester were serial killers?”) Done well, these can make people uncomfortable in the best ways, as they’re faced with familiar characters and plausible characterization in a “dark AU” setting. They can highlight the aspects of a canon character’s personality that are most troubling if you think about it.

    I can make a story in which “Master of the Universe” (the fanfic title that eventually became FSoG) started out this way–as a dark commentary on just how much Edward Cullen has in common with an abusive and sadistic control freak. I can even make a story in which E.L. James, seeing the massive positive feedback from readers who Didn’t Get It and found her Edward unbearably sexy, decided to change course and turn it into a happily-ever-after romance as best she could. Probably, it’s just wishful thinking to imagine that she had some deeper meaning in mind when she came up with all this crap. But, the only way I can make the story continue to work is to accept that she sold out entirely and turned something that started out as a cautionary tale into a full-out, isn’t-he-steamy, rape-is-love bang-fest.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Erhmmmm…I didn’t think that pokemon had the necessary sort of parts for pokemon on pokemon action, in my mind they multiplied much like an amoeba splits…but now I’m stuck with some really frightening pictures of pokemon with the necessary sort of parts and those parts being compatible with cartoon human necessary parts and I’m not certain it’s going to be safe or possible for me to sleep tonight!

    I need emergency kittens, and for good measure, emergency puppies.

  • Whether or not Pokemon have the necessary “dangly bits” needed for biological procreation is… a matter of some debate. It depends on how a given fanfic writer decides to interpret everything. Myself? I take a slightly odd stance in that I think that there are *multiple* means of procreation available to Pokemon, only some of which involve biological means. Fairy types, especially, have somewhat more mystical methods available to them. Which makes it rather funny when a procreatively compatible OC finds out that the rather thrilling ride through the clouds on her Togekiss had a… lingering effect.
    And the only breed to actually DO the “amoeba split” thing are the Ditto, which is why you can’t breed them through the Day Care.

  • Astrin Ymris

    The nice thing about the fanfic world is that there’s a place for everything… including things no amount of money could bribe you to read, but is exactly someone else’s cup of tea. The even nicer thing is that with a little mutual respect and accurate warnings in the summary, we can all get along in perfect amity.

    The nicest thing of all of all is the ‘Back’ button, for those occasions when a warning was left out! ;-D

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Oh. My.

    Dangly or not dangly, internal and external – I’m probably picturing stuff that is totally not right, but a mystical scenic cloud ride resulting in well….whatever the results are…:P doesn’t seem like it’d be awful as long as the parties consented.

    Still traumatized by the dancing narwals song in the stupid commercial that keeps coming on the tv.

  • The particular character in question was of a Fey bloodline and wasn’t entirely *aware* that she was procreatively compatible with the Fairy Egg Group as it was, so the resulting Togepi caught her by surprise. Iason, though, is one heck of a character himself complete with an intense stubborn streak and adorable factors. For some reason, I’m VERY good at creating actual *characters* out of Pokémon.
    And yes, I have done entirely too much thinking about how to justify all these shenanigans. I even have a document in my folders describing the whole mess and the leaps of logic that I’m taking. It does involve some inverting of the rules of descent for Pokémon in that the female characters are producing “Eggs” that match the *Sire’s* Pokémon bloodline as opposed to the maternal one, but I handwave it as following the same rules as for Ditto.