News Round Up: Kevin Swanson, Matt Walsh and Other Evangelicals Behaving Very Very Badly

News Round Up: Kevin Swanson, Matt Walsh and Other Evangelicals Behaving Very Very Badly March 27, 2015

newsI was going to use each of these news stories individually but there was such an overwhelming flood of awful it just makes more sense to do long posting with a list. Let us never forget what their true agendas are. First up comes from Arizona.

Arizona state Sen. Sylvia Allen wants there to be a federal law that forces everyone to go to the church of their choice every Sunday in an attempt to bring morality back to the nation. While she’s claiming her statement was of the moment and flippant it’s a scary thing to discuss in a nation built on freedom of religion.

“Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth,” Allen said during a Senate subcommittee meeting on Tuesday.

More at Raw Story – Arizona Tea Party senator: Church Should be Mandatory to Push ‘Moral Rebirth’


This week a law was passed in the state of Indiana that makes it perfectly legal to discriminate against homosexual people and others of differing sexualities. In response corporations and conferences have started boycotting the state. Indiana’s evangelical governor Mike Pence has been a big supporter of this bill.

The cloud computing company Salesforce and the National College Athletic Association have both condemned Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R)’s decision to sign into law a “religious freedom” bill that many rights advocates say could lead to anti-LGBT discrimination.

From Alternet – Let The Boycotts Begin


What is it about Arizona that so many of these crazier intersections of the law and religion happen there? Now they want to pass a bill that requires physicians to tell pregnant women considering abortion that abortion is ‘reversible.’ How is that even scientifically possible?

Doctors in Arizona might soon be required to tell women that abortions can be “reversed.” As the Washington Post reports, the Arizona legislature just passed a bill that is the latest in state-based attempts to ban women from using their own health insurance to pay for abortion. What makes this bill especially Orwellian is this attempt to force doctors to put the stamp of medical authority on the fantastical belief that women en masse are regretting their abortions hours after getting them and are miraculously getting them reversed through heroic interventions by Christian doctors.

As published at Slate – Arizona Wants Doctors to Tell Patients That Abortions Can be “Reversed”


Like a groundhog popping up after a long winter sleep so has Kevin Swanson recently emerged from his lengthy sabbatical to say some awful things, at least more awful that predicting six more weeks of winter. Now he’s backing old pal Gordon Klingenschmitt’s statement that the recent attack on a pregnant woman in Colorado who had her baby forcibly cut from her womb by a stranger is merely a God directed attack to expose the injustice of abortion. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to me either. Thinking Swanson has spent too much time in his basement with conspiracy trolls because he is starting to sound and act like Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne as played by Jon Hamm from ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ in this clip.

Here’s what Swanson said:

“We’re a murderer state,” Swanson said. “There is so much blood on the hands of this state, it’s hard to live here. It’s hard to live in the state of Colorado because there is so much blood on the hands of our leaders, here in the state of Colorado, and the populace who is so pro-abortion they would not protect this child who was murdered in her mother’s womb over the weekend.”

From Raw Story – Colorado Pastor: God Directed Attack on Pregnant Woman to Teach Us a Lesson About Abortion Rights


..and I saved the best and the funniest for last. Matt Walsh is very upset right now because after he attacked rapper Azealia Banks and said she should leave the country if she hates white Americans so much she responded with about the same level of nasty. He said this on The Blaze, which carries his racist, misogynistic, self-congratulatory screeds from his blog. What did Azealia, a woman known for fighting with others and carrying a grudge do? The funniest thing ever that could happen to Matt Walsh, she tweeted Matt Walsh a photo of her genitalia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that sort of reply to those you disagree with, not at all because it is sort of rude, but if it had to happen I cannot think of a more worthy and ridiculous target than blogger Matt Walsh considering all the blaming, shaming and offensive things he’s said in his blog. Now Walsh is claiming her response was ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘bullying’. Do you think he has a point or is this Matt being Matt and chewing the scenery?

Liberal women like Banks, he lamented, are granted a set of free passes by the culture at large that gives them the upper hand when arguing with someone like himself.

“They whine about ‘privilege,’” he wrote, “but they have just claimed the most profound privilege of all. They have invented a moral get out of jail free card, and they get to play it as many times as they want.”

“And the privilege for liberal women extends beyond mere words. If a man sends unwanted pictures of his privates to women, he’s a creep, a deviant, and possibly a sexual harasser,” said Walsh.

Again, from Raw Story because it’s not like the Washington Post is going to carry stories about conservative bloggers getting pictures of lady parts in retaliation for rude remarks – Conservative whines about minority ‘female privilege’ after rapper Azealia Banks sends him vagina picture

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