Quoting Quiverfull: Demons and Children?

Quoting Quiverfull: Demons and Children? March 6, 2015

bquotingquiverfully Johnathan Parnell from John Piper’s Desiring God blog – Parenting Means Wrestling Demons

Editor’s note: There’s just so much to dislike in Mr. Parnell’s article on parenting and the demonic that it’s hard to pick only one awful quote. The main message running through the piece seems to be that the devil is there to trip you up in parenting your children no matter what parenting style you pick and that demons hate children. Love your children, but don’t love them too much seems to be the core message.

The knee-jerk response to the demonic message that children are worthless is to mistake children as everything. This response swings so far in the opposite direction of misopedia (the hatred of children) that we actually begin to worship children. This is when children become almost more than human, even angelic. Rather than see them as an interruption to our plans, or as an inconvenience to our priorities, we fall off the other side and make them the center of our worlds. This is part of a societal shift that started in the late twentieth century. Jennifer Senior comments, “Children stopped working, and parents worked twice as hard. Children went from being our employees to our bosses.”

When we see parenting in the context of spiritual warfare, we understand that the enemy has more than one way to wreak havoc. As hard as it may be to swallow, we learn that demons also take pleasure in those homes that are run by children, especially children whose hearts are so shriveled by selfishness and pandering that they lack any category of seeing themselves as sinners in need of a Savior.

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  • Okay, when I was working with children, I did frequently refer to them (out of earshot) as little demons, and it was my impression that the ones whose parents never disciplined them at all were tied with the ones whose parents spanked and screamed for most unhappy, but the author seems to be looking for extremes without noticing all the families happily in the middle. I’ve seen a lot of parents who taught them respect for the rights of others in a loving and positive way. Perhaps Mr. Parnell is having a hard time wrapping his head around the idea that people can value children appropriately without wanting more than 2 or 3 of their own?

  • Nea

    Jennifer Senior comments, “Children stopped working, and parents worked
    twice as hard. Children went from being our employees to our bosses.”

    Wooow. Make sure children can get an education to better themselves instead of work in the coal mines until they die of black lung in their teens, and that’s totally the same as making them the ‘bosses’ of adults. When they’re totally supposed to be employees. Who never signed an employment contract or were recruited, just… grown.

  • gimpi1

    Yes, yet another attempt to romanticize a past that either never was or that was pretty darn awful. I’ll pick our advanced-medicine, no-child-labor, safety-regulations world over the sick, overworked and unsafe past, any day.

  • Friend

    For awhile I belonged to a mothers’ prayer group. One day I told the group that my child and I had stubborn colds. Another mom also had a cold. A third mom said to us, “I am so tired of our families being under satanic attack.”

    Thus I am uncomfortable with any belief that satan is the main challenge to parenting. Fear of invisible evil distracts from all that is real and visible—and even from God, if one is a believer.

    Of course, it would be more exciting to perform an exorcism instead of helping the little tyke blow his nose.

  • I’ve always wondered if head colds don’t come straight from hell. Thanks for confirming my theory.

  • Astrin Ymris

    It’s that “splitting” phenomenon; either you’re doing exactly what we tell you God says to do, or you’re a tool of Satan. There are no other possibilities, after all.

  • Aimee Shulman

    see the mistake you have made is in assuming that this person actually knows anything about the history and development of family life in the US…chances are like 99.99% that he believes that prior to the 1960s, every family ever had its own self sustaining home business where all members happily labored for the good of all. Or something. It’s not the least credible theory I’ve heard advanced by historically illiterate people expressing their frustration at the fact that men are not the only people considered people anymore.