Quoting Quiverfull: Justin Harris – Adoption For Political Gain?

Quoting Quiverfull: Justin Harris – Adoption For Political Gain? March 15, 2015

quotingquiverfullfrom an interview by 30-minute interview with Drew Petrimoulx, posted March 6 as a Web extra at Arkansasmatters.com. Harris is answering a question about whether he adopted the girls for political gain:

Editor’s note: Justin Harris isn’t doing himself any favors in this interview. This should be the point where his attorney advised him to just shut the hell up.

“That’s sad. I have three beautiful boys. My family is complete. We wanted to add children who needed a home. These girls were broken, and because of the traumatic situation, they now have been broken even more. They are in a great home now, with a great family, and Marsha and I are grateful for that. But I do not need to adopt to have political gain. I can go home and know that I’ve done what I needed to do politically. I’ve always been who I am. I don’t have to have adoption to make any political gains. I think that’s just not okay. My family is complete. Adoption was going to make it completer, so we could help people. We had severely mentally challenged children that we were not aware of, DHS did not make us aware of it. We’re not the victims. The children are. And I want to make that clear. And that needs to be the focus. And I think they lost the focus, the media–not you guys, but the ones that started the story. It was not about the girls. It was not about rehoming. It was about me. That’s why that question is being asked. Because if this was about rehoming, really about the victims, then that’s where the focus would be.”

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  • Brennan

    If the focus were really on rehoming, then clearly we would completely ignore the politician father who did the rehoming. Because that makes sense.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Adoption was going to make it completer, so we could help people.

    You’re a Fucking politician. You have opportunities EVERY DAY to help people. Instead you repeatedly screw them over because your party’s power is more important than real human beings.

    We had severely mentally challenged children that we were not aware of, DHS did not make us aware of it.

    I’ll believe that when I hear it from anyone but you.

    We’re not the victims.

    Oh really? What changed? You pulled the victim card HARD in a past interview.

    It was not about rehoming. It was about me.

    You are a politician who used political power to adopt over several objections, religiously abused the children, gave them to a rapist and then continued taking money for kids you no longer supported.

    Why should you NOT be the focus?

  • My comments are no longer printable. They would be censored and deleted. So, I’ll just let you fill in the blanks.

  • Nea

    We all know that he adopted them for political gain. And we all know how well that’s working out for his career.

  • $15190794

    Dear Harrises,
    Just own it. You blew it. You adopted three young girls you were completely unprepared to parent. You did not recognize their behaviors for what they are: evidence of an abusive, traumatic background. You did not ask for help from the experts available to you. You made a huge mistake.
    Own it. You tried to pray the damage out of the girls. You tried to discipline it out. When that failed, you gave them away. It is your mistake. No one is persecuting you.
    If you want to spin this in a positive light, admit your failings as adoptive parents. Shine a light on those hero case workers, therapists, and foster/adopt parents who do manage to stick it out with abused kids. Lobby for changes in the system. Lobby for additional support for foster/adopt parents. But own your mistake.

  • Amarad

    “We had severely mentally challenged children that we were not aware of, DHS did not make us aware of it.”

    Bullshit. That’s a crock, especially since you don’t have the guts to lift the gag order that prevents DHS/CPS from giving their side. The former foster parents and babysitters don’t have that gag order and they’ve said plenty to indicate that MANY people tried to prevent you from adopting those girls, but you abused your office to put pressure on DHS to push it forward over expert objections.

    “We’re not the victims.”

    No, you’re not victims. You’re the perpetrator. But you keep pulling the victim card when the media criticizes you.

    “The children are.”

    Yes, they are. Because you decided to child collect, used your position to pressure the organization into allowing you to adopt kids you were utterly unsuited to handle. And instead of either admiting you couldn’t handle them OR seeking help for the kids and and for yourself. Because they weren’t perfect little grateful poppets of christian angelic behavior YOU expected and wanted. Because of YOUR real or lip service belief in such bullshit as demonic possession and telepathy, YOU rehomed the kids without authorization from CPS, which (if you weren’t a rich, white politician) could easily be seen as child trafficking. To someone who clearly had not been checked out, who turned out to be EVEN WORSE then the horrible conditions you were *already* subjecting them to.

    That’s why the laser-focus will be on you. Will continue to be on you, because YOU won’t acknowledge your role in causing even further harm to those girls from Day One.

    It’s about YOU because YOU were negligent and abusive scum. Because this is DIRECTLY YOUR FAULT.

  • Nea

    Alas, the people who talk most about personal responsibility are usually the last to own it.

  • KarenH

    He also illegally used the oldest girl–the one he shipped off to a mental facility instead of adopting and then handing over to a rapist–in an ad during his campaign for his state seat.


  • Saraquill

    Do they include vengeful fantasies against all the turds who harmed the girls?

  • Saraquill

    That’s disgusting.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Translation: We’re good parents; DHS just gave us defective* kids without telling us.

    Of course, you have to ignore the people who say that DHS did everything but stand on their heads to explain to the Harrises that they couldn’t handle these girls, but since the DHS is safely gagged by confidentiality rules, Justin Harris is free to lie his ass off without fear of official rebuttal. What a wimp.

    *I think he’s trying to imply that the girls had organic brain damage to the frontal lobes which made it impossible to control their behavior with that “mentally challenged” bit.

  • KarenH

    Yeah. Justin Harris is a real prince.

  • Gypsy Rose B

    I think my comments at this point can be summed up in 4 letters: STFU.

    Is that anywhere near yours?

  • Don’t make me laugh & spew. Iced tea fries keyboards. I would just force them to live as women for a year. Estrogen is optional. I suspect they have quite a bit of it in their systems as it is. They hate women so much.

  • My favorite hyphenated word: A-H along with it.