Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Kids Saying ‘F*ck’ & Explaining Bestiality in Church?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Kids Saying ‘F*ck’ & Explaining Bestiality in Church? March 31, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Sanctuary

Editor’s note: Now Michael is claiming that youth groups in church are a hotbed of seduction and that the church is filled with pedophiles and seducers fishing for others to indoctrinate. If he really believes this when why isn’t he advocating each family do their own home church without any outsiders? Sorry, but it’s unlikely that every single church is filled with those wanting to sexually abuse children. It’s a little farfetched to claim every church is that way.

The Church is not a sanctuary!
Face it, the church today is not a sanctuary from the world, nor is it a “holy” place. In the best case scenario, it is a slice of the world where there is an attempt at evangelism and worship. But on average, the church is a social club composed of a mixed multitude. Far too often, the church is a recruiting ground of pedophiles and fornicators. I read a survey once (I don’t remember where) that asked young Christian adults, who were not virgins when they married, where they lost their virginity. More than half of them testified that their first sexual experience was either at church during a young people’s event, or after church when they went out for pizza and came home without their virtue.

Exposure to the world is a problem for every sensitive parent who takes his children outside the home where there are other people, whether to church or to a family dinner. We know that eventually our children are going to be exposed to about every form of corruption, but we want them to be fully equipped to survive with integrity. If they walk down a public road, they are bound to come across a porno magazine. Where children can talk outside the hearing of adults, things are going to be said that would make the face of an adult turn red. We know that we can’t keep them innocent, but as they come to know good and evil, we want them to always know how and why to choose the good.

This mother’s concern is that her child is too young to discern between good and evil, and she is absolutely correct. She desires to postpone the day of temptation. I share her concern completely. Children mature morally by resisting evil, but if it comes at them too fast, too often, and from influential peers, they will become desensitized and sin will begin to appear less evil to them.

Back to our letter. This mother said, “I know you said in one of your books something to the effect that at church, children should not be taught to avoid some children and only associate with others.” If I said that, it was in a different context, for I do very much believe in regulating with whom your children associate. If you are so careful as to never offend anyone, and if you are always concerned about the feelings of everyone you know, eventually you and your children will have to give up all of your convictions and learn to live according to the way the wind blows. I regulate my own personal associations; why not theirs?

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