Fundamentalist Patriarch Dave Buehner Objects To Vyckie Garrison’s 2014 Speech

Fundamentalist Patriarch Dave Buehner Objects To Vyckie Garrison’s 2014 Speech April 1, 2015
Youtube screen grab of Vyckie Garrison speaking at the American Atheist Conference 2014
Youtube screen grab of Vyckie Garrison speaking at the American Atheist Conference 2014

Remember last year, right around this time, when NLQ founder Vyckie Garrison spoke at the American Atheist convention in Salt Lake City, Utah on Easter weekend? Her speech was shared internet wide and articles written about it. It was titled “How Playing The Good Christian Wife Almost Killed Me.”

Apparently it took nearly a year for the news of Vyckie’s speech and the articles to reach Kevin Swanson’s radio sidekick, boot licker and all around enabler Dave Buehner. Okay, so I know Swanson is always carrying on during his show about how they’re hiding in a basement bunker style but you’d think they’d occasionally leave the bunker for the outside world. At least for a Chik Fil A run once in a while. What are they, male Kimmy Schmidts? Would that make Swanson the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne? Obviously some news isn’t making it into the basement.

Yesterday it looks like Buehner finally started his own blog without the aegis of Kevin Swanson, and made exactly two posts, one decrying the evil that is ‘Women’s Month’ and another complaining about Vyckie’s speech last year. He claims, like so many other idiotic patriarchs, that Vyckie is a feminist, rebel and apostate that hates God and that it is impossible to actually be a feminist and a Christian, calling all women who think it’s possible ‘christo-feminists’

He says lots of other hateful things, including saying that Vyckie’s husband is the one that deserves our sympathy, not Vyckie. Again, Quiverfull and the CPM are all about demonizing women and dominating controlling every aspect of a woman’s life. Not Biblical at all.

Never once in this article does he address one of the biggest issues that lead to Vyckie’s breakdown, her close calls with death at the hands of a Quiverfull Theology.

Here’s a short bit of his blog posting:

This tale illustrates the feminist road to apostasy.  Discontentment, disillusionment and a disjointing from reality are the motivators to dishonor, disobedience and divorce, from husbands and God.  The cavil of the abuse of patriarchy is stripped of its pretension and revealed for what it is ; defiance of God’s authority.

The naked truth is that egalitarianism is a desire to be as God, equal to him, redesigning reality to suit the feelings and desires of the creature, imaginations of suppressing the sovereignty of God over that reality in favor of one’s choice, and autonomy.  Feminism is but one name of many for the rebellion against God; it is the discontent of being a creature and the desire to be as god, to know and be the arbiter of good and evil, to judge the righteousness of God according to an individual’s feelings of right or wrong to think oneself wiser than God.

Vyckie does not dispute the meaning of Biblical passages, to her credit she is not ignorant, she rather accuses the author of the Book of life of abuse.  She finds God in His holiness and justice an evil vindictive creature and she is not all that amazed at His grace. I feel sorrow for Vyckie’s husband.  Finally Vyckie ought to be applauded for her consistency.  She realizes that the Word of God provides a system of ethics and rule that is patriarchal, she must either submit to God and by extension her husband or she must abandon God and her husband for the feminist ethic.  There is no middle ground.  Vychie understands this truth better than the christo-feminists that dominate the church today.

Read the entire thing at his blog. Since we don’t want to improve his rankings in search engines we’re linking to his blog via Do Not Link.


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