Quoting Quiverfull: Apply the Rod or Your Child Ends Up in Prison?

Quoting Quiverfull: Apply the Rod or Your Child Ends Up in Prison? April 25, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – In Defense of Biblical Chastisement

Editor’s note: Michael seems to think that those that do not get beaten by the plumbing line end up in jail. The problem of criminal actions and behaviors is not as simplistic as he thinks it is.

The necessity of adverse consequences.

Because forbidden actions do not immediately meet with adverse consequences, children are induced to develop the belief that it is not a bad thing to violate the rules. When the only negative results are nagging and threatening, they learn to endure the conflict and develop an adversarial relationship with authority. Children do not know that they live under the government of a holy God who keeps account of every deed done in the body. Nor do they know that they will stand in judgment to answer for every deed and thought.

Most parents make a direct contribution to their child’s rebellion by unknowingly conditioning him to ignore commands and do as he pleases. When parents are finally forced to the conclusion that their child is old enough to be trained, they begin the futility of commanding, “No! Don’t do that. Did you hear what I said? Now stop it!” The child doesn’t stop and the parents allow him to continue until frustration and anger drive them to jerk the child away. The child takes offense at being bullied and resents someone interfering with his right to do as he pleases. The bottom line here is that through one experience after the other the child learns that he can defy the rules and still get what he wants. It is not necessary for him to win every contest to become an independent rebel. Just an occasional victory is enough for the child to develop a will to dominate. Again, it is the absence of consistent and sure negative consequences that allow him to grow into the conviction that there is no accountability other than to oneself.

Our prisons are full of people who thought they could get away with it. The response of adults to the child’s offenses is what communicated this false idea. The way the school system responds to their disobedience, the way the courts handle their first “petty” offenses, the way counselors address the child’s “problem,” and the way the media publishes the views of the professionals who blame everybody but the child, all contribute to the child’s disregard for authority. It is the lack of sure and swift consequences that foster indifference to the rule of law.

For authority to be respected it must have the power to impose consequences without limitation. Where the authority can be pushed to a point of helplessness, the lawbreaker will not fear and will set himself to do as he pleases. The Bible describes it this way: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil (Ecclesiastes 8:11).” The authorities of our country are respected according to the degree they have the power and the will to investigate and apply force to the lawbreakers.

When our children are old enough to have developed sufficient independence, they will join society, playing the game of life by the rules they learned when they were young and vulnerable. Christians seek to train their children to choose the good of others and the glory of God above their own pleasure. Such dedication and commitment is rare outside the community of Bible believers. Just as God gave the state the power and the duty to wield the sword, he gave parents the authority to apply the rod. To the young child, it is ultimate power. It is the child’s assurance that he can never win against authority.

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  • KarenH

    Hmmm….my siblings and I were not beaten as children. None of us are in prison. Our children? Not beaten. not in prison. Every one gainfully employed. Each one pleasant to be around–the kind of person I’d have for a friend if they weren’t already family.

    Michael, the sky doesn’t seem to be falling the way you said it would.

  • Nea

    And yet again, Michael lacks the intelligence to realize that he is directly contradicting himself. If the prisons are full of kids who weren’t spanked, then how did he discover that most of the people in prison were – according to what he, himself has said?

    And that’s before we go into his utter inability to run a study, properly cite studies, or otherwise back up his bluster with more than “Well I said it, so it’s true.”

  • Mel

    Oddly enough, starting late on setting limits for teens isn’t the death knell Mike makes it sound like. I had plenty of students who had never had competent adults who could set and hold boundaries before. Honestly, doing it provoked new, louder, more obnoxious behaviors at first, but the teens eventually figured that rules had consequences; consequences would be enforced and they were missing out on a lot of interactions with their peers in the meantime. Plus, the students helped

  • Plain English

    Michael Pear: “Children do not know that they live under the government of a holy God who keeps account of every deed done in the body. Nor do they know that they will stand in judgment to answer for every deed and thought.”
    It is important to destroy the spirit of children, all sense of freedom and autonomy. Michael God Pearl believes this because his own childhood was destruction. Will he tell the truth about his childhood? No, I think not because that would unpack all the pain he now pours on others, especially women and children, in the service of the Denial God.
    This is a sick man and religion confirms him. But he is helpless to stop the damage he must do, even to little toddlers. I do not blame God for Michael P because there is no God. I blame Pearl first because he is first responsible. But I have to ask, had he not found the Denial God to serve via religion, might he have gotten some help to deal with his sick sick mind? Was the harm he suffered as a child via religious abuse similar to his style with his own kids?
    By the way, Denial God Pearl, you would find if you cared to look for the truth, that the majority of hardened criminals in prisons suffered all kinds of abuse, particularly not being respected in their childhood bodies. You do not care for the truth because your truth is dominated by Denial God, as you were dominated and harmed before… it goes on and on. The real truth is that Michael Pearl wants to harm those he is able to harm. It makes him feel better and takes off some pressure for a brief time. That he has built a ministry of abuse only speaks to the severity of his own damage. This kind of abusive life does not magically appear from the ether. It is formed in early life experience. This is not any excuse for harming others. Sometimes, people who have suffered severe damage, face the pain and refuse to pass on the misery. But those people have great spirits and define the golden rule…. Michael Pearl has not faced it. He is compelled to pass it on.
    Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nolongerquivering/2015/04/quoting-quiverfull-apply-the-rod-or-your-child-ends-up-in-prison/#ixzz3YM9dBdRq

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Shorter Michael Pearl, Part Deux:

    Feral children! Plumbing hose! Chaos and hell if you don’t thrash your demon spawn!

  • “Consequences without limitation….?” My gosh that is chilling. I keep seeing those tales out of Victorian boarding schools where the students are abusively beaten. Maybe that is my problem. I was never whipped and abused by my parents. Ergo, I do have a tendency to think that those in authority are to be given the thumb of the nose.

    Of course, this week my 29-month-old great-niece has received more spankings than I did during my entire childhood. As far as I’m concerned, there are very few spanking offenses. Running out into the middle of the street, which she did on Monday is one. Running away from her grandmother, and running into the street, the following day, is another. My niece bought a harness for her to wear. The entire family is now in the process of putting up gates, and child-proof locks. It does no good to smack a kid on the bottom, and then not child-proof.

  • SAO

    Pearl says, “For authority to be respected it must have the power to impose consequences without limitation.” The power to impose consequences without limitation is what makes for a dictatorship. Stalin and Kim Jong Un are/were able to impose consequences with far fewer limitations than American presidents. Gandhi was able to impose consequences not by force of arms, but by moral force.

    The life of a child parented by Pearl’s methods is like life in a prison camp. We know that prison camps warp the soul. Yes, some prisoners become model prisoners to work the system, some rebel, and some try to escape.

    Parents should aim to be moral, not powerful. That means being open to rethink your methods or goals, and always keeping the children’s needs in mind.

  • Saraquill

    How about those parents who are in jail for following what he said? For that matter, Pearl’s own children may not be incarcerated, but their lives aren’t enviable.

  • BlueVibe

    Not beaten. We all turned out to be not only not convicts, but a batch of somewhat righteous pains in the neck. It’s genetic. I never met my grandmother but she sounds as though she must have had a right broomstick up her [cough, cough].

    I was thinking that I guess none of these guys read true crime, but of course they don’t! But if they did, it would take them about 30 seconds to realize how many murderers were beaten regularly by their parents.