Quoting Quiverfull: Poor Christians Being Persecuted For Intolerance?

Quoting Quiverfull: Poor Christians Being Persecuted For Intolerance? April 30, 2015

quotingquiverfullby R.C. Sproul Jr as quoted by Ladies Against Feminism – Surrendering the Culture War

Editor’s note: As best as I can tell Sproul and the ladies of LAF are claiming that they are being persecuted because of gay marriage becoming accepted by many Americans. Sproul goes on to say on his site that they now have to be willing to ‘love’ their neighbors and martyr themselves for truth.  That’s some Olympic-style martyrbating mixed with a call for hatred disguised as love there buddy.

Can someone please explain to me again how allowing all citizens to marry the person they want to marry threatens Christian marriage because I’m just not seeing it. Between the Andersons, LAF and now Sproul and others I’m starting to think we’re about to see Quiverfull Evangelicals act out in violent ways.

There is a great difference between being like a lamb before the slaughter and rolling over and showing your neck. Christians need to learn to tell the difference. We find ourselves dizzy with the swiftness by which we have lost our privilege in the culture and have become virtual pariahs. Our sitting president, while serving as president, took a position on gay “marriage” that now is not just considered unsophisticated but is on the fast track to being a hate crime.  Homo-rage is all the fashion; homo-fascism is all the rage. And Christians are increasingly being herded into a cultural ghetto.

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