Quoting Quiverfull: Stop Stressing You Selfish Woman?

Quoting Quiverfull: Stop Stressing You Selfish Woman? April 4, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies – Do You Need Refreshing?

Editor’s note: So let me get this straight: you’re stressed out and need refreshing so Nancy says you have to yoke yourself to Jesus, even though this doesn’t take away or ease whatever it is that’s stressing you out? I must be missing something here because it sounds like she’s telling you to take on more burdens. Nancy Campbell word salad.

Are you weary? Overburdened? Feel you can’t cope? Jesus invites you to come to Him. He promises to give you rest. It’s a refreshing rest. The word “rest” Jesus uses is translated “refresh” in other passages.

But Jesus doesn’t give you rest by taking away your burdens and all the work you have to do. Instead He asks you to take on another yoke. Really? Yes, but this time it is His yoke. He yokes Himself to you and amazingly takes most of the burden upon Himself. I read about an old farmer using oxen to plough his fields. However, this pair of oxen were most unusual–one was big and one small. How could they possibly function when the yoke was so uneven? It was all to do with how the traces were hooked to the yoke in order for the large bullock to pull the weight for the little bullock that was being trained. In fact, the little one hardly pulled any weight at all as the big bullock took the strain

This is what happens when we take Jesus’ yoke. We still have to face our challenges and difficulties but He takes the burden. He refreshes us even in the midst of all our overwhelmingness. He knows you can’t pull the weight yourself. When two oxen are yoked together, they can do what is impossible for one ox to do.

Of course, you’ll have to give up your pride and self-sufficiency. When you take Jesus’ yoke, you are yoked to One who is “gentle and humble in heart.” You won’t fit too well if you are proud and stubborn and pull off in your own direction.

And when you take His yoke, He teaches you at the same time. He shows you how to do it His way, rather than your way. He not only invites you to come, but to come and LEARN. Little by little He changes you to be more and more like Him as you submit to Him. He leads you into a deeper rest, a rest in the very depths of your soul.

Dear mother, you don’t have to stay in your stressed state. Jesus waits for you to COME. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. “And His commandments are not burdensome” (1 John 5:3).

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  • Nea

    His yoke is easy and light. Yours, Nancy? Not so much.

  • yulaffin

    Who wants to be yoked? Throw it off and be free.

  • persephone

    Take Jesus’ yoke and you too will end up a martyr.

  • Joy

    Exactly. Her yoke is not Jesus’ yoke.

  • Friend

    Well done. You’re right to detect the warning.

  • Friend

    “Of course, you’ll have to give up your pride and self-sufficiency.” Redefinition: both are bad only in Cult Country. (See NLQ’s post of April 3, “Spotting Logical Fallacies and Propaganda Techniques.”)

    “He knows you can’t pull the weight yourself. When two oxen are yoked together, they can do what is impossible for one ox to do.” Just plain illogical: Why doesn’t Jesus just do all the work for me if I’m so stressed out?

    Really, I don’t think Jesus was talking about housework, or even about stress. The whole chapter seems to be about the reasons why John the Baptizer and Jesus were shaking things up. Jesus seems to offer these verses to comfort followers whose world was suddenly alien and dangerous because of Jesus. Nancy’s whole posting would have been clearer if she had written, “Read Matthew 11.”

  • Leigh Andrews

    My sister’s mother-in-law had an answer to Nancy. Sister Mary Mother-in-Law, as I call her, joined a contemplative order after her children were grown. The order paid for her divorce and annullment. Most of the growth in religious orders is from “mature professions” rather than people who start training for the priesthood or entry into the convent after sixth grade or so.

    Now, if that isn’t taking up Jesus’s yoke, I don’t know what is. It also had the advantage of getting rid of her husband, who held a job roughly semi-annually and now in his old age, the kids chip in for an apartment for him rather than have him stay with them.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Shaming people for feeling stressed and overloaded strikes me as being both hideously toxic and spectacularly unhelpful.

  • As someone who is currently stressed and overloaded… I salute you, Astrin. I see words from you, Nancy, but I see NOTHING that even remotely resembles actual, viable, legitimate help or advice.

  • Nea

    You’ve summed up most of the quiverfull CPM philosophy beautifully in 5 words.

  • Anonyme

    Off-topic, but I was watching ‘Killing Jesus’ last night (and it seemed like a clone of any other “Jesus movie”, nothing special) and naturally, there was the scene where Jesus challenges the priests of the temple to “cast the first stone” at the woman who committed adultery–if they have never sinned. This worked for the rabbis, but I wonder what Nancy would have done?

    Jesus: Let (s)he who is without sin cast the first st–
    *Nancy grabs stone and throws it*

  • Anonyme

    I hate how some people think that you can snap from ‘stressed’ to ‘happy happy happy’ with the flick of a switch (a light switch, not the Pearls’ favorite-method-of-punishment-switch). Guess what, Nancy, it’s not that easy, and sometimes extreme stress is a sign of clinical depression.

    (Not) sorry, Nancy, reading a Bible verse did not save me from years of hell during all my teen years.

  • You’re behind times. The far right, in conservapedia, have removed that passage. It is not ‘biblical’.

  • That’s okay, doesn’t she exploit third world orphans so she won’t be over-burdened?

  • gimpi1

    You’re kidding! In the name of being “biblical,” a conservative* group has edited the Bible, taking out parts that they don’t like? And that’s “following the Bible? Sometimes all I can say is, “wow…”

    *I can’t regard the author(s) of Conservapedia as conservative. Reactionary, oblivious, and obsessive, yes, but not actually conservative. I don’t generally care for conservative values, but I can’t fairly tar them with these bozos. What can you say about a site that spent a ton of time trying to disprove Relativity? Yes, Einstein’s Relativity. Apparently, it’s not “biblical” either.

  • Unfortunately, I’m not. They are re-writing the Bible from a conservative point of view. What I have noticed is since they have been so highly criticized, it appears they have put the passage back in, but not without a discussion which delves into the sin of Duck Dynasty.

    “…Increasingly many Christian churches, including the Catholic Church, are reciting, teaching and popularizing the Pericope de Adultera (Latin for “the passage of the adulterous woman”), set forth at from John 7:53-8:11. In the story a mob surrounds a woman to stone her for adultery, and ask Jesus what they should do. Jesus is describing as writing in the ground, and eventually beseeches those who have not sinned to cast the first stone. The crowd then disperses, beginning with the eldest first. This apocryphal passage is a favorite of liberals who oppose those who stand up for Christian values, as when the left-leaning Bill O’Reilly cited this passage to criticize the star of Duck Dynasty for standing up against homosexual conduct….” http://www.conservapedia.com/Essay:Adulteress_Story#cite_note-0