Quoting Quiverfull: Throwing Shade on Korea, ISIS and Abortion Because Jesus?

Quoting Quiverfull: Throwing Shade on Korea, ISIS and Abortion Because Jesus? April 20, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Colin Campbell from Meat For Men – Mourning Over What Grieves Christ

Editor’s note: Colin is in rare form in this post. He manages to order others to mourn for things, claims to know what makes Jesus mourn and manages to be racist, paranoid anti-government and blaming of others in four short paragraphs. That takes talent! (/sarcasm). Seriously, there a whole lot of judging, blaming and shaming in his words. Is it really necessary to say those things to ask others to do more intercessory prayer?

We Christian men should know what it means to “Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep (mourn) with them that weep” (Romans 12:15). We should mourn over the things that our Savior, Christ Jesus mourns over as well as experience His comfort.

The question is: Do we mourn over the innocent blood that is shed in the abortion clinics of our nation? Do we mourn more for the Christians who are beheaded, raped, and burned alive by ISIS? Both shed innocent blood and both deserve to be mourned. We should also mourn over the unclean pornographic addictions, not only in the world, but also via the Internet in the church. We should mourn over the marriage break downs within the church.

There are many things we should mourn over before the Lord in prayer. May God save us from insensitive hearts towards the great need in the world right now. What about the precious souls in North Korea who greatly suffer at the hands of a brutal, communist regime? What about the Christians who suffer and are tortured in Islamic nations? What about the multiplied millions of souls who have never once heard the gospel? Do we mourn over the corruption of our government? Do we mourn over the killings in our streets?

Does Jesus weep and mourn for the fatherless and widows? What do we do? Much of the time we seek for more pleasure and hardly shed a tear before out great High Priest and Intercessor.

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  • Nea

    Via the Internet in church? I’d probably still be a churchgoer if I could download porn there…

    Also, in that long list of woes, I could not help thinking “None of these is like the other.” Murder, religious plurality, and dirty pictures are three separate concepts that do not ethically equate.

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Shorter Colin Campbell: I’m more Godly than you. Grovel, maggots!

  • Nightshade

    Yep, because porn is every bit as evil as burning another human being alive. Riiiiight.

  • Allison the Great

    Oh, so they just mourn the suffering of Christians around the world, everyone else can go fuck themselves. I see where you’re going there, Sir.

  • Baby_Raptor

    All I’m seeing is a guy looking for an excuse for his need to pretend that his opinion matters.

  • Kitty

    “What about the precious souls in North Korea who greatly suffer at the hands of a brutal, communist regime?”

    No worries, your God will make sure to punish them for all eternity in hell as punishment for suffering their whole lives under a brutal regime where they never heard the “good news”. Don’t tell me not to be insensitive; your God is a total dick.

  • Why add anything else when your observation is succinct and laudable.

  • I guess this means I’m going to hell because one of the characters in my murder mystery series is a (dead) grandmother who was the Stephen King of feminist porn. My bad?

  • Nightshade

    Ahhhh, but that would be fine and dandy if she was the murder victim, and if the porn was what got her killed, morality lesson and all.

    The Stephen King of feminist porn…I like it!