Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 3 How Do I Need Thee? (Michael Confuses Me)

Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 3 How Do I Need Thee? (Michael Confuses Me) May 29, 2015

Createdtoneedby Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormon

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Yes, we are still learning about the ways men need women. I know you’re excited, so let’s jump right in. Text, as always, is in purple.

I Need Her to Balance Me Emotionally

Again, we guys don’t like to admit that we are emotional beings. It is quite obvious that the gals are 90% emotion and 10% adulterated reason. We fellows pride ourselves on being logical and objective. But keep in mind that anger is an emotion. Irritability and grouchiness are emotions. Men are just as emotional as women: we just have a male pride that will not let us publicly express weakness or vulnerability. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with us men, for I don’t intend to get publicly vulnerable either. I build strong walls and protect them against mushy intrusion. But men can be just as imbalanced emotionally as can women. It is just that our imbalance must be masculine while the girl’s imbalance is feminine. So be it. I don’t want any men friends that act like girls. I have known a few-very few. I knew them a short time-not short enough.

90% emotion? Seriously? By the way, the definition of “adulterated” is to make impure by adding inferior materials or elements. So female reason is impure because it’s inferior? Is that what he’s really saying here?! Because I’m about to show him some feminine imbalance! Ok. Sorry. I’m cooled down now. Why am I not surprised that the only emotion that Michael is admitting to in men is anger-based? Also, just because you, Michael, don’t feel comfortable being emotionally in public, there are lots of men that disagree. President Bush crying about 9/11, for one. Or was that considered not manly? And what, really, is masculine imbalance, as compared to feminine imbalance? I get irritated when he throws words around without properly defining them, and when people assume masculinity means never showing emotion. People have emotions, and it’s very OK (male or female) to let these emotions show. Nobody wins a prize for stoicism. Oh, and it was nice of Michael to let us all know that he has met some…feminine men, and he didn’t like the experience much. Because that’s surprising.

Men without women can grow cold, hard, and unyielding. As we adjust to the presence of a woman in our life, the hard edges of our psyche are rounded off. We need these female creatures to be just what God made them to be. The balanced nature of God is expressed in the combination of male and female emotions.

I’ve known some married men to be cold, hard, and unyielding. The presence of their wives did nothing to change that about them. Oh joy. It seems women are back to being creatures. Once again, Michael doesn’t explain what God made these creatures to be, just that men need them to be what God wants them to. And this might be my former LDS background, but I’ve never saw God as balanced. He kills most of the world in a flood, created people he knew would have weaknesses, is OK with wars and murders (only on his schedule), and let’s infanticide happen twice. If a government leader did these, balanced is not the word people would use to describe it. Insane, perhaps, but not balanced. Since when were emotions male or female? I was taught that emotions are neutral, and both genders have them; I didn’t realize God went down the list and assigned certain emotions to certain genders.

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