Happy Mother’s Day – Trying Out Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day – Trying Out Motherhood May 10, 2015
Image from Buzzfeed Tumblr
Image from Buzzfeed Tumblr

So this is sort of off topic and not Quiverfull related at all but in honor of Mother’s Day this seemed appropriate to share. The Try Guys of Buzzfeed.com are exploring motherhood as only guys can. Enjoy.

Too bad that trying out motherhood like this isn’t mandatory in high school because it might just make kids think twice about sex without birth control. One of my children did the Baby Think It Over for three days and nights and by the end was laying in her bed crying that she felt ‘so trapped’. The experience taught her that she was not going to be ready for motherhood for quite some time. Not a bad thing to realize.

I like that they are really showing motherhood like it really is, even if the Try Guys are trying motherhood for a very short period of time.

Trying out pregnancy bellies:

Taking care of a real baby:

Overnight care of Baby Think It Over:

Electrical simulation of labor pains:

There is one more video coming that I will add here. Love these guys~

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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