News: HSLDA’s Newest Defense Case – The Naugler Family

News: HSLDA’s Newest Defense Case – The Naugler Family May 11, 2015

newsInitially wasn’t going to post about Kentucky CPS seizing all ten children in the Naugler family since it’s been well covered at both Homeschoolers Anonymous and in great depth by Kathryn Brightbill. But.. more and  more comes out each day on this family. The Naugler parents are claiming that they’ve been targeted by CPS because they practice ‘Free Range Parenting’ and are ‘Unschooling’ the children, but that doesn’t seem to be why CPS acted. Stories are emerging about things like piles of garbage, human feces and glass being rife on the homestead as well as the photos of the family home, basically a tent top with three stick walls they’ve lived in even in the cold of winter. Failure to provide basic needs combined with a very unsafe environment. HSLDA is supposedly perched to defend the Naugler family against any charges related to their chosen method of homeschooling.

From Raw Story: ‘Free range’ parenting or abuse?   (there are photos of the family living situation at the Raw Story site)

However, the couple posted a copy of the complaint on their Facebook page showing that authorities were concerned that the family was apparently living in a makeshift tent without running water amid garbage, broken glass, and nails.

“They’re living underneath tarps, so kind of take it at that,” said neighbor Travis Metcalf, who claims Nicole Naugler gave birth in a tent last year with temperatures well below zero.

Facebook photos show the family lived in a crude shack with a plastic roof and three walls made from sticks – although the couple insist they set up a fourth wall during the winter.

If the photos are right and there is any truth to the allegations it’s pretty easy to understand why CPS would remove those children from the home. HSLDA needs to not defend these parents since the primary issue has nothing to do with homeschooling or objections to free range parenting. A parent’s right to raise their children their own chosen way should never trump the safety and basic needs of a child.

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