NLQ Question of the Week: Why Is It Evangelicals & Fundamentalists First Reaction To Scandal To Say “Just Don’t Talk About It!”

NLQ Question of the Week: Why Is It Evangelicals & Fundamentalists First Reaction To Scandal To Say “Just Don’t Talk About It!” May 28, 2015

QuestionoftheweekThis is a new series we’re going to start running on Thursdays. Examining some of the questions involving long held Quiverfull theology and life.

The last week and a day with all the different released news of Josh Duggar committing sexual crimes against five different young women has had an odd effect on the community. Those not involved in Evangelicalism or Quiverfull or Christian Fundamentalism have said a) this is horrible and b) it should have been investigated and prosecuted, or at the very least everyone involved should have had legitimate treatment or counseling. Sounds reasonable, huh?

Not if you’re in one of the groups mentioned above, the general consensus in the more conservative Christian circles is that the family handled it in house, everyone has forgiven him so shut up! Don’t talk about it!

This isn’t the first time that sphere of folks has defended the indefensible or a leader who has committed a crime by telling the rest of us to shut up. Why is that? Is reality too much of a stretch for them? Why is their first reaction to scandal to tell people to not talk about it?

The silly thing is that you know that behind closed doors that’s exactly what they are doing, talking about it in stultifying detail ad naseum.

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  • Mermaid Warrior

    Religious fundamentalists try to paint their way of life as perfect and problem-free, and their members as model citizens who never do anything wrong. But no human is perfect, and sooner or later, somebody is gonna do something bad. If they want to keep the perfect image, they have to hide sins.

  • Nea

    Well, it’s because that’s what cult leaders and con men always do, isn’t it? DON’T TALK TO OTHERS! Don’t talk – because you’ll find out every woman in the group was sold the same very expensive “personally tailored” meditation mantra. Don’t talk – because you’ll find out that you’re not the only one thinking something hinky is going on with the church leadership or business books. Don’t talk – or you’ll find out that Revered Reverend did “it” to them too.

    Don’t talk, and let the image speak for itself.

  • clarknt67

    It is a authoritarian culture by nature. It is the man’s place to do the talking. The eldest, most powerful male with make some pronouncement and that’s the last word. In this case Josh Duggar spoke and said he was sorry. They think that should close the topic.

  • Lifton called it Milieu Control. Part of thought reform….

  • SAO

    The whole CPM enterprise is built on image. Scandals damage their image. The attraction of the cult is to be better than everyone else, to be literally holier than thou. Scandals destroy that, too. Because image is more important than the fundamentals, that’s what they address.

    This is also why so many in the movement pick on others in the movement — they need to be holier than them, too.

  • Michael Dann

    I believe you, but can you provide a list of examples?

  • Michael Dann

    I heard about the Bob Jones investigation. That was pretty bad. I’m a lot less familiar with Gothard and Phillips.

  • gimpi1

    That was my first thought. They’re selling a product – their way of life. If the product is faulty or doesn’t work as expected, it will hurt your sales. Companies often attempt cover-ups before the recall-notices go out. In the end, I think this is all about the money. No product – no seminars, books or organizations to teach, describe or defend it.

  • Mrs. Sunshine

    To the people who say shut up about Josh Duggar (because he said sorry, God forgives him ect), would they be saying that if he was an atheist?

  • David Kinlay

    Not sure if all evangelical people can be accused of the terrible cold and abusive behaviour quoted here. When you are involved in a loop like mentality, circular thinking prevails. We need creative writing, thinking outside of the box to get out of our complacency. Being a psychologist, I have been called New Age and pushed to environs /borders of the evangelical community.