Quoting Quiverfull: What it Means to Be Biblically Submissive?

Quoting Quiverfull: What it Means to Be Biblically Submissive? May 2, 2015

quotingquiverfullFound on Minthegap (Is This Modest.com Adam Gregorin) blog leading to Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis – A Girl Named Ruth

Editor’s note: Ham complains that most Christian children’s books depict the mother with the open Bible reading to the children. This is because even in those ‘sold-out’ Quiverfull Evangelical Fundamentalist extremist homes the fathers don’t do reading to the children, or anything involving teaching or homeschooling. It’s a realistic depiction. Perhaps you need to teach your wonderful Christian males that they need to parent too before blaming it on feminism or overbearing women.

Fathers are to be the overall spiritual head. Whenever and wherever possible, the father’s leadership should be as obvious to the children as it is to the wife. The task of raising godly children in an ungodly world takes teamwork. My wife and I do this together when I am home, and Mally covers for me when I’m on the road ministering. Overall, our children know and observe that I take on the headship role and Mally takes on the helpmate role.

That is the way we were created to function, but in the modern world we often see the opposite; where the mother is leading and the dad is following. This is even reinforced by most Christian children’s books I have seen where mention of spiritual leadership is made. Many of these books will picture a mother with the Bible open reading it to her children, or they will instruct the children to tell their mother something, or ask for her advice. Look closely at the books you have for your children and I am sure you will see that this is a characteristic of many children’s materials available for the Christian market today.

On top of this, more women are becoming increasingly domineering as they take over the position as head of the home. The more I travel and meet families around the world, the more obvious it appears to me that the feminist movement has affected many women in our churches—and this affects the whole family structure.

We are growing up in a world that emphasizes everyone has a right to their own opinions. We are indoctrinated through the public education system and the media that we have our rights. I remember one of the female teachers at a school I taught at in Australia telling the girls in her class “Remember, if you get married, or just live with a guy, you have your rights—you are an individual.” This contradicts God’s design for a husband and wife to be “one,” and this mindset can create serious confusion in the home.

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