Quoting Quiverfull: Which One of Us Has Cognitive Dissonance Here?

Quoting Quiverfull: Which One of Us Has Cognitive Dissonance Here? May 5, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Author Unknown from Simple Unhooked Living – RFID: Where The Rubber Meets The Christian Road

Editor’s note: Found this blog through it being quoted by Ladies Against Feminism in support of no childhood vaccinations and no big government interference into home-based businesses they love so much. While sustainable living isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it might be the thing our nation needs more of, the conspiracy theories at this site range from laughable to downright frightening. This bit quoted come from a rant about how the RFID implantable chips are the Mark of the Beast, the “666” mentioned in the Bible ushering in the End Times. We all know how much the QF crowd loves to fear monger and martyrbate about the End Times. This is the sort of strange rabbit hole you can go down when you take every word of the Bible literally. Be sure to go to the site and read the entire long rant about the RFID chips.

Here’s a right-Around-The-Corner Prophecy for You

The utopian advantages of RFID will be touted and the herd mentality will quickly follow the pattern we see with vaccination pushing. Soon, anyone without a chip will be seen as backwards, personally irresponsible, nutty, and guilty of putting the rest of society at risk. The corporate-government cabal will ensure that mandatory chipping will follow, and the choice to remain chip-free will be criminalized.

Corporate/Government Cabal Are Chippies?

We’re starting to see a trend — it’s a familiar trend — and that is…the revolving door; these high tech executives and positions in the federal government. For example Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services took a seat on the board of VeriChip corporation (aka PositiveID Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions) and began lobbying for microchip implants. Darrin McBreen of Infowars points out.

And, “if you think the federal government is not going to utilize this technology to track it’s own citizens, think again,” he says.

Attorney General Eric Holder, during hearings for the President’s 2015 DOJ budget request, said he met with a group of “technology people” who can make guns safer by making them “talk to a bracelet you might wear.

During the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, then Senator Joe Biden told him he will have to rule on the legality of implantable microchips during his tenure.

This is where the rubber meets the road for Christians who have yet to fully understand that their quest to be holy has a lot more to do with making responsible day-to-day choices than previously anticipated.

Most mainstream preachers have been insisting that the new paradigm is in heaven, and all the true believers will be able to avoid end times problems via the Rapture. This creates a situation where the flocks are completely unprepared for the realities the Savior warned about 2k years ago.

Being godly isn’t limited to staying chaste, praying, and not lying or stealing. RFID will force us to finally become accountable about how we get the stuff required to survive day-by-day.  Those without a lot of money to stock up will be quickly thrust into a life of radical simplicity. Are you preparedy for that?

If not, I wrote The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living for people like you and a time such as this.

Refusing the chips will be a huge leap for a lot of Christians who are used to being cozy in the system and relying on the earthly Powers That Be for daily needs.

Without the chips, you will have to produce what you need, hunt and gather, trade with other chip-free folks, and expect daily miracles (i.e. loaves and fishes) and persecution.

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