Your Daily Duggar Updates on Josh Duggar: Sex Crimes Unit

Your Daily Duggar Updates on Josh Duggar: Sex Crimes Unit May 25, 2015
Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer

This is starting to feel like a nightmarish never-ending “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” episode. Today’s round up.

MSNBC – Why Did the Duggar Abuse Investigation End

Josh could have been prosecuted up to seven years after the allegations on criminal charges if Arkansas law enforcement.

The Daily Beast – How the Duggar’s Church Encourages Young Woman to ‘Submit’

More explanations of how Quiverfull Evangelical theology harms young women and sets up females to be sexually abused.

Time – TLC Should Cancel 19 Kids and Counting

Time accuses TLC of shameless money making and pushing a moral fraud. This is starting to sound like money changers in the temple type scenario.

Raw Story – Hobby Lobby billionaire behind that Christian Counseling Center that treated Josh Duggar

No surprises here. Hobby Lobby has been funding serial-fondler of young women Bill Gothard and his ministry for many years.

Time – Josh and Anna Duggar Shut Down Website

Their long time website that originally featured their courtship and engagement has been taken down.

Kathryn Brightbill – I Don’t Forgive Josh Duggar

Why forgiving Josh Duggar for his molestation of young girls isn’t necessarily Christian

Time – Detailed Online Allegations About Josh Duggar Were Made Years Ago

Finally the media figures out what the rest of us knew years ago.

Time – Why Josh Duggar’s Past Will Hurt Social Conservatives

How the news of the molestation will affect the Republican field of Presidential Candidates for 2016

Patheo’s Leaving Fundamentalism – Josh Duggar apologized. So What?

Patheo’s Ex-Communications – Group Identity, Priorities, and the Josh Duggar Scandal

…and I leave you with a clip from “19 Kids & Counting” where Josh Duggar makes an incest joke. Never appropriate but in light of what happened disgusting.

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