Behind Compound Walls: Dueling Duggar Stories – Is Josh Duggar ‘Suicidal’?

Behind Compound Walls: Dueling Duggar Stories – Is Josh Duggar ‘Suicidal’? June 26, 2015

Image by NLQ
Image by NLQ

Everything single morning I can count on a couple of things once I get out of bed. 1) The cats will demand food, 2) I will need copious amounts of coffee and 3) there will be a pile of articles involving the Duggar family landing in my email box. Personally I prefer the cats and coffee. One reason why is became many times the stories of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar stories are either generated by their PR firm or they all just contradict the hell out each other.

Take today for example as the tabloid press still tries to outdo each other in the Duggar coverage. First I get this article

From Hollywood Life – Josh Duggar: His family’s keeping him from harming himself after molestation scandal. This article is saying that Josh is being supported by his family and that his family is helping him recovery, that there’s been no thought or talk of suicide – all from an ‘unnamed insider’

While he’s been forced to internalize a lot of feelings since his unseemly actions as an adolescent, he’s been able to unload on his eighteen siblings — and his parents, Michelle and Jim Bob who have been more than supportive. “He is getting alot if support from family and friends,” our insider explains. “It’s a rough road he is dealing with right now but he is getting through it. Faith is obviously helping him through as well.”

Apparently Star magazine released a report from another ‘unnamed insider’ several days ago that alleges that Josh is suicidal and being blamed by his siblings of getting their only source of serious income stopped.

From another tabloid The Examiner – Josh Duggar family fears he may be suicidal: Depressed, frightened and hiding   If Josh is depressed, frightened and hiding that sounds like it would be a very normal reaction to having your world collapse over something you did years ago being exposed. The article links to the Hollywood Life article referenced above as proof Josh is suicidal when the article clearly says something else. Is the media now doing more harm than good in their chase after new Duggar stories?

There are other rumors that are being discussed; some maybe factual and others may just be that, rumors. It seems that Christian organization aren’t calling the Duggar family to do interviews, booking them for appearances or asking their advice on certain topics. Some are saying that Josh’s siblings may be turning against him for causing their sole means of support through the TLC network show “19 Kids and Counting” being off the air causing them financial hardship since no money is coming in and that they may have to seek employment like everyone else now. Josh’s parents and sisters gave an interview discussing their views about Josh’s past which has caused a spin in the opposite direction for him. It seems that instead of their words helping Josh many feel that they have done more harm than good.

Wish the media would get their act together. No one really wants to see Josh Duggar pushed to suicide.

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