Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 4 – How Do I Need Thee? (The Proper Way For Wives To Challenge)

Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 4 – How Do I Need Thee? (The Proper Way For Wives To Challenge) June 1, 2015

Createdtoneedby Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormon

pgs 41-43

Alright. We are still going through Chapter 4. So far it’s been reasons why husbands need wives, and the reasons why wives need to be needed. It’s been a blast, and we’ve still got 20 pages to go. Text is in purple.

Last section we ended with how men need to be challenged by their wives. Today we’re starting with a story in that vein.

“Let’s Go” She Said

[Michael contracted encephalitis and was hospitalized for 11 days. They didn’t know if he’d survive and Michael fell into a depression afterwards, mostly due to the loss of his short-term memory. He would often re-buy things because he forgot he bought them already.] At the time I was making kitchen cabinets for a living. I would head out to install a set and forget where I was going. I got scared to leave the house. I felt confused and uncertain and lost my confidence. I felt normal until I got into a stressful situation or someone called my attention to something I had forgotten. I began to fall behind in my business and was unable to get out and do the necessary sales.

I’m impressed that Michael actually admits to feeling scared and less confident. It must have been really scary for his family.

One day my wife said “let’s go.” She rode with me through new subdivisions and we stopped at houses under construction. She sent me inside to talk to the homeowners or builders. Our first trip out netted two jobs. She had to continue challenging me to keep me going, but after several years I seemed to return to normal. She tells me I was grouchy during that time and seemed to resent anyone thinking that there was anything wrong with me. I still have trouble remembering names. If she hadn’t challenged me with an offer to help, I might have shrunk into depression (but I doubt it).

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting things, but telling Michael to get in the car and taking him to a job spot seems a bit more than challenging. Saying “Let’s go” really doesn’t seem like an offer to help, does it? I’m not sure if it’s in line with Debi’s book. Though congrats to Debi for snapping Michael out of this depression – even though he won’t admit that part.

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