Did Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Commit Perjury?

Did Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Commit Perjury? June 22, 2015

newsby Suzanne Titkemeyer

It seems that In Touch Weekly’s method of filing for legal documents using the US Freedom of Information Act has caught on with the other tabloids. Looks like Radar Online went on a document fishing expedition looking for legal papers and found the trial transcripts from when Jim Bob and Josh sued several insurance companies for not paying out a claim.

Remember when Josh opened his own used car dealership, Champion Motor Cars? Turns out he and Jim Bob are co-owners, partners in the enterprise. At some point there was a hail storm that damaged 91 cars. The insurance agency and the holder of the business insurance refused to pay for the hail damage to the cars so in August of 2013 both partners took the agency and insurer to court.

They lost not too surprisingly. Business insurance is a tricky thing and doesn’t always pay for damage to inventory due to ‘Acts of God’ You have to read the fine print closely as I found out the hard way back in 1995 when a historic hundred year flood came through store my husband and I owned. Depending on what damaged your inventory and what your policy says you could be out of luck.

But what happened during the portion of the civil trial could spell legal trouble for the father and son. The insurer issued a list of questions, requiring both men to answer under oath. They both denied under oath that there were any records or reports on file with the Springdale Police Dept. or the Washington County Sheriff’s Dept. or the State Police. Which we now know to be a lie. There was that police report on Josh’s actions towards his female victims.

Plus for bonus points Jim Bob lied again under oath. He was asked if he had ever sued anyone else in civil court and he replied he had not. But back in 2003 Jim Bob Duggar filed a civil lawsuit against his former tenant James Penny and Wireless Technologies Corporation. This case resulted in Penny filing for and receiving an order of protection/restraining order against one Jim Bob Duggar.

But the statute of limitations for lying during a sworn statement is only one year. Just like the molestation charges the statute of limitations has run out. Luck of the Duggars.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t lying one of the big sins in the Ten Commandments? When did it become acceptable for people, people claiming to be Christians, to lie under oath?

More on this story at Radar Online

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