Preview of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Tonight on Fox News

Preview of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Tonight on Fox News June 3, 2015

Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer
Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer

TMZ has a clip of Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar explaining how they feel like the worse parents in the world upon discovering Josh Duggar serially molested young girls from tonight’s upcoming The Kelly File on their site.

For some reason the clip imbed function for the piece does not work with this frame so you’ll have to view the clip on TMZ’s Page – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Josh Made ‘Bad Choices’

The short clip has the Duggar parents claiming that they felt like bad parents and were devastated when this originally happened and that Josh made ‘bad choices’

Sorry, but bad choices are things like deciding to get drunk and waking up with a hangover, or having a second slice of cake  or getting busted playing hooky, not committing a sexual-based felony.

Rumor has it that Megyn Kelly has stated that she is going to ask the hard questions like why the parents waited until after the statute of limitations was passed before turning to law enforcement.

Are you going to watch this tonight?

Serious questions or a softball approach that allows the Duggars to float the idea that they did nothing wrong?

ETA @ 7 pm. Time is saying that the parents are going to name two of the victims and allow them to speak too. From Time:

The Duggars have also identified their daughters Jessa, 22, and Jill, 24, as two of Josh’s victims. They, too, will have their say during the interview.

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