Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 Homeschoolers Embracing The World?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 Homeschoolers Embracing The World? June 24, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy – Jumping Ship

Editor’s note: Simple Michael: He’s telling parents not to be hypocrites, to practice what they preach on a daily basis, which is, after all, pretty good advice for any parent. There is nothing that will turn a teenager against his or her parents more than someone that says one thing and does completely contradictory actions to what they’ve said. But this first paragraph about kids who don’t know anything about sex going on to commit incest reminds me of a certain exposed scandal in the world of Quiverfull. Is this what happened? Michael seems to know too much about this, which makes me wonder if it happened in his family too. Didn’t Jim Bob Duggar say it wasn’t a big deal because he found out it happened in many families in his church?

There are two problem areas that you must consider. The first one is your own example. You must be all that you want your children to be. You can’t drive teenagers; you must lead them. That will be the first point of our discussion. Second, you must not assume that innocence is a hedge. The enemy is not always on the “outside” of your home. There is a big enough and bad enough enemy within the flesh of your own children to scare an angel to death. A child who never even heard of sex of any kind, never saw an example, never has been tempted by any outside source, can discover it on his own and then engage in incest. Genuinely good families who provide righteous examples, can have their children go to hell right in the middle of their carefully constructed and properly maintained sanctuary. While a father and mother are standing guard at the gate that leads out into the world, children of Adam’s descent can build their own Sodom from scratch, right under the best example that loving, careful, attentive parents can provide.

Above all
For starters, you must sell your children on your worldview. It must be an active and aggressive sell. They cannot be fooled with pretense. By the time a kid is sixteen years old, he will know you better than you know yourself. Teenagers are forming their values based on what they see as valuable. No one can give another person his values. Generally, everyone values what promises to fulfill his deepest desires. If the thing you offer your children does not appeal to them, they will reject it, as they should. Why would anyone choose a path that appears to lead to misery, boredom, or loneliness? How can someone value what is of no value? Teenagers want romance and passion. Girls want tenderness and security with their passion. Boys want a challenge. They must be engaged in conquest. Everyone needs a vision and the means to fulfill it. The quest for goodness and productivity is not enough to contain a sixteen-year-old. Duty and respectability will likely not be their controlling drives.

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