Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4 – Never Worry About Providing For Your Kids

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4 – Never Worry About Providing For Your Kids June 15, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies Magazine – Is God Able to Provide For Another Baby?

Editor’s  note: I guess it’s good that there were potatoes and not cat food like another prominent Quiverfull enforcer’s family had to eat. Tender mercies indeed. There was a time in my life when all I had to eat for a week was potatoes and I don’t remember thinking it was such a blessing to eat them three times a day.  Nancy, potatoes are not manna no matter how you spin this. You need a variety of things to eat to stay healthy and to ensure optimum growth and development in your children.

Although God has promised to provide for us, there are often times when we don’t live in the lap of luxury. We scarcely make it! The amazing thing is that even when we hardly know where the next mouthful is coming from, we don’t starve! God is faithful! Paul knew how to be hungry and how to abound. The NLT says, “I have learned how to get along happily whether I have much or little. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength.”

I remember one time when we were going through a very lean time. The only food we had in the house was potatoes! Praise the Lord we had potatoes. Think of the Israelites who only had manna for 40 years! Some friends arrived at our door one lunchtime. I felt embarrassed to invite them  to lunch with only potatoes on the menu! However, I swallowed my pride and asked them to join us for our meal of potatoes.

I placed the bowl of potatoes in the middle of the table and we all partook together and had wonderful fellowship. They didn’t mind that there was no variety on the menu! In fact, it is well over 20 years since that incident and my friends still remember that lunchtime with great joy. They say that if we had had a sumptuous meal they would not have forgotten it. But they have always remembered their lunch of “potatoes only!”

We can learn to laugh and praise God in the lean times and in the abounding times. Even in the lean times, God will never forsake us. Praise His wonderful name!

It is true that life is not perfect. Each one of us faces difficulties. We have been promised that we will have afflictions and persecution, but even in the midst of these circumstances we can trust God.

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  • Antoinette Herrera

    The WTF factor is strong here. I can’t say which is more baffling: that Nancy Campbell praised God for providing the Israelites with manna, only to knock eating manna at this point; rose tinting the time when she could only put potatoes on the table for the family; or that the “friends” who shared her potato dinner seemed blithe about the whole thing. No offer to bring a covered dish or two? Nobody bringing cereal, milk, or peanut butter for the kids? Not even an offer to drive her to a food bank or church pantry?

    Now that I think about it, I actually want to pelt those “friends” of hers with rotten produce. To eat the little food available for survival and to do, to say, nothing…!

  • Nea

    Shorter Nancy: I survived just fine, so the idea that people starve is not a thing, ever.

  • Allison the Great

    Although God has promised to provide for us, there are often times when we don’t live in the lap of luxury. We scarcely make it! The amazing thing is that even when we hardly know where the next mouthful is coming from,

    I had to stop her at not knowing where her next meal would come from and just marvel at her stupidity, her selfishness and her lack of compassion. Then I think about how she’s talking about not lifting a finger to make sure that her children and her friends were well nourished, had a roof over their heads, didn’t freeze to death, had adequate health care so they don’t die of preventable diseases. It is selfish to put one’s religion ahead of the needs of other people. And then she calls herself pro-life. That just infuriates me that there are people in this would who insist that babies be born, but they say that they don’t do anything to make sure their own children actually survive childhood. That is what Nancy is basically saying here, is that she’s pro-life, we should be too, but we shouldn’t really be too much involved in making sure that they actually live to be adults. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT PRO-LIFE, AND WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS TWAT?!?!?!

    Every word on Nancy’s blog just enrages me, because basically she’s telling the world that she’s so selfish (yes, selfish) that she’s putting her faith in an imaginary sky fairy that doesn’t exist ahead of the needs of her own children. She’s saying that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass if her kids die from her neglect of them because if they do die, “meh, it was God’s will”.

  • jennabobenna

    I’m allergic to potatoes. I’d say this pretty much kills Nancy’s argument, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she chocked my painful food allergy up to lack of faith.

  • ShinyZubat

    Psst, Nancy. Your friends don’t remember the potato meal because it was good, they remember it because it was *weird*.

  • My grandfather lived his entire life stunted from malnutrition. Was this because,

    A) God wanted him to be 5’4″ and have malformed feet,
    B) God isn’t very good at providing,
    C) His parents had sin in their lives?

    Keep in mind that if you choose (C) that means you should do as God does and never feed hungry people if they are sinners.