Reviews and Views of Last Night’s Fox News Interview of Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard

Reviews and Views of Last Night’s Fox News Interview of Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard June 6, 2015

Image by NLQ
Image by NLQ

Looking around the internet while everyone seems to feel sorrow for the victims of Josh Duggar it doesn’t seem like anyone was much convinced by Jill and Jessa spouting the family talking points last night. Links below.

Wonkette – Megyn Kelly Asks Duggar Girls: Show Us On The Doll Where The Liberal Media Touched You

While filled with sarcasm this is one of the better and more complete breakdowns of what was said last night during the Megyn Kelly interview. The breakdown being the first half being exonerate Josh and the second half attack the liberal media.

Yahoo – What Does Lena Dunham Have To Do With The Duggars?

Since we’ve had a number of new commenters trying to bring up Lena Dunham as some sort of counterpoint as to why we should shut up about Josh Duggar here’s a good article explaining why the two are largely not comparable.

Salon – Fox News’ freak show heroes: The Duggars, Cliven Bundy and a crackpot network that doesn’t recognize America

Salon points out that Fox News recent culture war choices, like the Duggars, are pretty bizarre and out of step with the political climate.

Politicus USA – Mike Huckabee Cuts Bait, Removes Duggar Endorsement From Campaign Website

That was fast considering just last week Huckabee was defending Josh Duggar in between proclaiming he’d wished he claimed to be transgendered in high school so he could shower with the girls. Judas. Dumping the Duggars when it angers his political base.

Right Wing Watch – The Duggar Family and The Christian Right’s Persecution Complex

Analysis of the Quiverfull Fundamentalist Christian’s favorite parlor game : Martyrbating.

Gawker – The Truth About Josh Duggar’s Sham Cult-Center “Counseling”

Linking the Duggar scandal to Bill Gothard, the IBLP and Hobby Lobby.

Mediaite – “Bizarre, Controlling, Manipulative”: Fox’s Ablow, Pastor Battle Over Duggars

Listened to this after the interview with Jill and Jessa and was glad to see not everyone at Fox is accepting everything the Duggars had to say as Gospel Truth.

ABC News: Duggar Parents Placed Locks on Bedroom Doors After Fondling

Rather neutral Associated Press recapping of the interview

Today Show – Sexual Abuse Survivor: The Duggars ‘did not handle this the proper way’

Sexual Abuse activist Erin Merryn, who has spoken of sexual abuse with the Duggars last year, points out the many ways this was mishandled.

Mediaite – Bill Maher Goes Off on the Duggars

Is anyone surprised?

Recently we’ve had a huge influx of people coming in to defend Josh Duggar and minimize what he did to his victims. Please, before you post, read our comment policy and most especially our Duggar comment policy. There will be no arguing for the sake of arguing, nasty name calling to those who don’t support the Duggars or their lifestyle, no Ad Hominem arguments. You’ll not receive a warning if you are violating the rules, you’ll simply find yourself unable to reply. Many here at NLQ are in recovery from abusive religions or situations and we like to keep the atmosphere recovery friendly. This is especially important right now as many former members of ATI, people who were abused as children, those held in some of the IBF punishment facilities and others coming out of Quiverfull are being very very triggered right now by the happenings in the Duggar situation. Don’t add to that please.

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