Updated: The Aftermath of the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Fox News Interviews

Updated: The Aftermath of the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Fox News Interviews June 4, 2015

From Facebook
From Facebook

I think we are on day 17 or 18 of the news coming out about Josh Duggar molesting young girls.

One thing is very obvious if you do a ramble through the online world – last night’s attempt to explain away the family’s actions and appease the masses may have had just the opposite effect on anyone who isn’t a hard core Duggar fan to began with. Their appearance seems to be considered by many to be a complete and utter disaster. Listing many of the different articles about their appearance. Some of the fans are blaming all of this on Bill Clinton (seriously?!?) and nefarious liberals in the press.

Think Progress – Michelle Duggar Defends Smearing Transgender People As Pedophiles: It’s Just “Common Sense”

This seems to be the main issue most of the people I’ve spoken to are outraged over. That Michelle and Jim Bob hid evidence of child molestation by their son while saying that gays and transgendered would molest your children. Stinks to high heaven of hypocrisy.

Raw Story – Fox News fans defend Duggars the only way they know how – by blaming Bill Clinton and black people

They don’t seem to understand that Bill Clinton’s sexual peccadilloes were consensual and the other partner was over the legal age of consent. Plus rioting people in Baltimore aren’t automatically somehow ‘bad parents’ with kids doing worse things.

Gawker -19 Excuses and Counting: Every Excuse the Duggars Made for Their Son

Gawker lists all the pathetic excuses that were trotted out last night by Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jezebel – Duggar Logic: Jessa’s a ‘Victim’ But Josh Isn’t A Molester

Recap of Jessa’s portion of last night’s interview and a reminder than both Jessa and Jill will be featured Friday night on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show The Kelly File.

TMZ – Michell & Jim Bob Duggar: Girls Were Victimized More By Media Than Josh

Yes, there is some truth to this, but… the media is not the ones who outed the names of two of the victims and forced them onto television to defend their brother. That would be their parents.

Raw Story – The Duggars: The real ‘bad guys’ are the people who blew our conspiracy of silence about our pervy son

A summation of the interview including pointing out that there is a tremendous amount of money at stake for the Duggars if the show does not resume quickly.

US Magazine – Jessa Duggar: I Was One of the Victims, But Don’t Call Josh a Child Molester

More defense of Josh by his sister and the family talking points.

Daily Kos – The Duggars think Josh’s victims defrauded him

Another explanation of the teachings of ATI’s Bill Gothard and how sexual abuse victims invited their abuse.

Time – The Duggars’ Fox News Interview Proves Fans and Detractors Right

Another analysis of what was said and what it actually means.

Elizabeth Ester – The missing pieces of the #DuggarInterview: humility, responsibility, understanding

Blogger Elizabeth Ester’s take on what was missing from the interview.

Mel from When Cows & Kids Collide – Who are the Duggars really protecting

NLQ SASBN member Mel breaks down what is it the Duggars really care about.

Joe Sands of Incongruous Circumspection – The Duggars Are Rape Apologists

NLQ SASBN member Joe Sands extrapolates out Duggar theology on abuse to a horrifying conclusion.

ETA @ 7:15 est From NWA Homepage.com – City of Springdale Responds to Duggar Claims

City claims that they properly released the police records after a legal Freedom on Information claim, disputing Jim Bob Duggar’s claim that the record release was illegal and some sort of vendetta.

..and that is all for now. I will update this post as more links come in.



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