Thoughts on the Television Interview With Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

Thoughts on the Television Interview With Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar? June 3, 2015

So who watched Megyn Kelly interview Jim Bob and Michelle and what did you think?

Here’s the thoughts I had immediately upon watching…

So many lies. They flat out contradicted the police reports many times. So many times that I started to wonder if a divine lightening bolt was going to come down and strike the two of them.

Both parents downplayed the significance of what happened, making it seem like Josh had taken the trash out on the wrong day or worn white shoes after Labor Day.

There was martyrbating and claims that they were being targeted because they were Christians.

Claims that they took appropriate action to protect the victims after the first incident, yet no real explanation of how that didn’t prevent Josh from molesting again.

Megyn asked many of the same questions I would have, so that at least was good. She asked some hard questions.

Those hard questions? Many times were not directly answered, there was deflecting and talking of God’s forgiveness.

Megyn mentioned a number of incorrect figures from the Dept. of Justice website during the show, but I was glad to see her mention Childhelp’s 800 abuse line at the end.

My husband observed that that both Duggar parents behaved like someone caught in a lie and trying to make up answers on the spot, that there was just too much that came across as contrived, false and acted out. Parts did seem scripted, almost as if TLC gave them talking points in an attempt to salvage the Fundy Golden Goose that gives all of them gold.

The worst part of the evening was when two of the victims, the married sisters Jill and Jessa, were brought out and we got to see a few moments of tears and outrage. Wonder if they were appearing willingly, or is this something their parents forced them to do. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be on camera having to explain how they’ve forgiven their molester. True to Fox News form Megyn has both girls on her show Friday night to talk about whatever is left to talk about after tonight. The cynical part of me says this is all just a prelude to TLC announcing the new season of the Duggar show will only feature Jill and Jessa. Whoever it was that made the decision to bring out two of the victims and allowed Fox News to identify them this afternoon needs to be horsewhipped. Those poor poor girls.

Mostly I feel disgusted with myself that I watched this garbage. Never again.

By the time this was over I was starting to feel like I was watching this scene in the movie “Chicago” The Press Conference Rag


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