What Questions Should Megyn Kelly Ask The Duggars?

What Questions Should Megyn Kelly Ask The Duggars? June 2, 2015

Michelle Duggar speaking to a fawning crowd. Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer

Tomorrow night at 9 pm est Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar will be appearing on the Fox News show ‘The Kelly File’ with host Megyn Kelly to ‘share their heart.’  I think we can all guess what the Duggars might say. It will be things like…

  • Josh has repented
  • They handled it properly as a family
  • It’s brought them closer together as a family
  • They’ve all forgiven Josh and forgotten the incident
  • There will be references to God’s mercy.. not that they have any for transgender people..or homosexuals.

It will be predictable and be on brand message in an attempt to salvage their television show and family reputation. Lies will be told straight from Bill Gothard’s ATI Wisdom booklets.

The only unpredictable thing will be the questions Megyn Kelly asks the family. That is the true wild card in this situation even if Fox News has gone way out of their way not to cover the Duggar scandal. Megyn identifies as a feminist, divorced and a Catholic, three things that the Duggars stand against. She sometimes grills people on her show that others on Fox News handle with kid gloves, most recently she was very rough on Duggar friend Mike Huckabee on her show. So there is hope that she’ll ask the right questions and not just fawn all over Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar like a star-struck fan. This should be worth watching.

Check your local listings for times in your area.

What questions do you think she should ask the Duggar parents?

ETA @ 2:00 pm – Well crud… according to Mediaite Megyn Kelly has already announced that she’s going to allow the Duggars to tell their story, not cross examine them. How disappointing.

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