Your Weekly Duggar Scandal News

Your Weekly Duggar Scandal News June 17, 2015

19liesby Suzanne Titkemeyer 

Oddly enough there are no new legal documents or scandals involving TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting” Duggar family coming out of In Touch magazine. Which really surprises me considering the several interviews I saw with the editor handling the Duggar content said things that indicated that what they’d released already was just the tip of the iceberg.

This morning In Touch has stories of pregnant reality television stars who have dwarfism, David Hasselhoff’s senior citizen sexual prowess and a butt implant story but not a word about the Duggars. Most curious, guess that the Duggar’s stories didn’t move as many issues last week as before so In Touch has decided not to release anything else for now.

Several online tabloids are reporting on a story from 2002 when one of the business renters of the Duggar’s property had to take out a restraining order on Jim Bob Duggar. More on that at Radar Online. There’s a couple of stories of Josh Duggar returning to social media to wish his son a happy birthday and a smattering of Duggar sightings and courtship speculations in wake of the scandal.

Quite frankly I’m happy there is no new Duggar news this week as I’ve gone into extreme Duggar burnout mode. Much of what happened and was reported was extremely triggering to so many of us in recovery. It was wearing on me personally. I’m in scandal fatigue. It was starting to feel like I was living in a particularly bad “Law & Order: SVU” episode. On that note I would not be a bit surprised to see a fictionalized account of this entire molestation.

But.. if anything substantial is announced, something more than courtships and antique restraining orders we’ll be posting it.

What about you? Are you sick of hearing about the Duggar family and their attempts to bury Josh’s crimes while trying to retain their television show. Let me know how much coverage is too much or not enough in the comments.

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  • Catherine

    You’re right, it looks like the media has moved on and forgotten about their crimes. Which means that the parents will likely never be held legally accountable for what they did (and failed to do), which is troubling.

  • Rebecca Horne

    I’m sure this was not your intention, but you should know that the word “midget” is considered a slur. “Little person,” is preferred, though I have to say, it sounds so condescending to me, I can’t bring myself to say it. I’m not sure what the consensus is on “person with dwarfism.”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Just quoting them directly, not meant as a slur

  • BlueVibe

    I’m sick of them, but I also knew that the furor would die pretty fast and they’d never really be called on this. Yes, I’m cynical.

  • Nea

    I thought the reason In Touch was dribbling out the news was to keep them sinking in the public eye. Regretfully, I seem to be wrong.

  • Denise

    Until TLC announces cancellation, I’m fine with discussion.

  • brbr2424

    I’m anxiously awaiting the first defection from Duggarland.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    There was some reference to Josh being persona non grata to the whole family, even as he moved back to Arkansas. Evidently Dad, mom, and siblings are ‘furious’ with him, so he’s being frozen out. If it wasn’t about the fact that he’s essentially the reason why the whole family is back to being poor, and ruining his parents’ whole ‘perfect godly people’ facade which they then had to explain on tv in that interview messy attempt at salvage PR…and was because they failed to protect their daughters, they failed to get everyone the appropriate level of help – so for the first time in their family life they were doing something solely to protect their girls, since seeing their molester being allowed back around their home would be traumatizing….if that was why then I’d be ok with it. But if anything they’re pissed that he ruined his dad’s scheme for income that didn’t require him to do real work 40+ hours a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year.

  • Rachel

    The stories are triggering, but it gave me hope that for once people were looking at child sexual abuse within Patriarchal Christianity. We could have started a national conversation on the matter, demanded change. But much as I feared, people only cared because the Duggars are famous, and like all celebrity matters, it was quickly forgotten. Nobody gives a flying f*** about those of us who were abused and weren’t lucky enough to have famous parents.

  • The Duggars are so last week. Rachel Dolezal is the new face of the ills of Chistian patriarchy:

  • SAO

    I find the Duggar scandal interesting because so much of the Duggars’ lives have been public, it’s easier to comment on what was going on in the family, rather than just trying to guess, as in, say, the Nauglers.

  • C Ellison

    I think the Duggars and TLC are waiting it out figuring on this debacle blowing over. I think TLC will bring their show back and the Duggars ravenous fans will gobble it up. I went over to the Seewald’s site and read his essay on the Duggars – he received over 1000 comments with most literally praising the Duggars. Most comments were filled with religious rhetoric. I also noticed that few understand the Duggars celebrity status, that they have PR people, strategist – they seem to believe the Duggars are just like them. Most think this is a ‘battle’ between good and evil, Christians and Atheist. Of course, this is terribly ignorant and uninformed but oh well…I expected it. I am not tired of hearing about this story. The Duggars have been parading around for almost a decade, pushing their religious and political agendas all the while…I’m alright with shining a hard light on them now.