News: Duggars Think TLC Didn’t Do Enough

News: Duggars Think TLC Didn’t Do Enough July 24, 2015

newsThe Daily Mail, a British newspaper, also have information from someone claiming to be a Duggar insider. They are saying that the children are most upset that they will not be on television any longer, that they thought they’d be on television forever. Poor kids, likely the only real attention they received that wasn’t from one of their older spouses.

Also Jim Bob and Michelle are getting some dislike and push back in their home town ofTontitown. Apparently the towns folk are upset that the molestation was never reported properly to law enforcement, making the parents look like huge hypocrites.

From The Daily Mail – The Duggar children ‘like being recognized and hate that 19 Kids and Counting has been cancelled’ due to the molestation scandal.

‘They think TLC should have stuck by them. They just didnt get a lot of sympathy,’ the source said.  ‘They attacked everyone as part of their PR strategy, minimized what Josh did and turned it into an even bigger PR disaster.

The report claims that many in their hometown of Tontitown are now turning on them for not immediately going to police with the information, instead of waiting 16 months to talk to a state trooper known to the family.

‘They aren’t who people think they are. many people don’t believe their righteous preaching anymore, and their community, the police, the child abuse advocates and their network are angry about how they’ve handled everything,’ the insider said.

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  • Catherine

    Well, true, TLC should have dropped them years ago.

    Wait, that isn’t what they meant by “doing enough”?

  • SAO

    Jim-Bob and Michelle didn’t get it when the abuse happened, they didn’t get it when it happened again, they didn’t get it when it first threatened to become public, they didn’t get it when it became a scandal, they don’t get it now.

    They just don’t get it. Looks like they never will.

  • rob11751

    a good dose of reality will do the kids good, go back to being duggars without being on tv and good riddance

  • mjc3834

    Enough of the Duggars. If their faith is so strong, why can’t they accept the fate that God has dealt them? Who would sponsor a tv show featuring hypocrites, liars, and advocates of child abuse and molestation and cultists? Are you serious? None of the Duggars should ever be on tv again. As far as Jill and Jessa being on that documentary goes, that shouldn’t even be considered. They aided their parents in trying to minimize the severity of Josh’s actions and covering it up. They are no better than JimBob and Michelle.

  • chromesthesia

    Yes, they need to concentrate on having a healthier family instead of being in front of a camera.

  • Evelyn

    Natural consequences can be a real bitch.

  • Nea

    The little kids grew up on TV, with the comfort TV money gave them, being told that TLC employees were friends. Of course they now have a warped understanding of their significance in the world. I feel for them; they were born into dysfunction, raised in dysfunction, and the crimes that ended the gravy train happened almost a full generation earlier. They have nothing to fall back on to process what has happened. I feel sorry for the shock that is now in store for them.

    I feel the most for Jana, though. Rags to riches to rags; unlike Josh, Jill, and Jessa, she never benefitted from the Duggernaut and now her domestic slavery will be even worse as the money drains away and she doesn’t have even the slender exit of a life outside the house.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    They may not have had any choice but to cooperate with their parents. Both Jill and Jessa were/are living in Jim Bob owned properties.

  • Maybe it will help her leave, for something else. One less mouth to feed.

  • “Poor kids, likely the only real attention they received that wasn’t from one of their older spouses” — Freudian slip?

  • The kids on Jon & Kate Plus 8 grew up with crew members as pseudo-family too. There ought to be a law banning reality shows about kids! Kids can’t consent to a contract so they shouldn’t be exploited this way

  • Astrin Ymris

    They don’t get it because they don’t get that “enthusiastic consent” should be a part of any system of sexual morality. Until and unless they get that, they’ll remain clueless.

  • That’s unfair to those girls. You have to imagine you’ve grown up how they did, with the unquestioned role of KING that JB plays and realized those girls most likely don’t even know how to stand up and say no. Plus, I can totally see their parents telling them that if they didn’t lie and cover things up, they would lose the show and their siblings, who they’ve been forced to raise as their own children, will suffer greatly without that money.

    Don’t blame the victims. It’s never a good idea.

  • It reminds me of the kids who were raised within the Westboro Baptist Church, who have escaped and have talked about how they truly believed they were trying to save the world with the hate they were spreading. They simply didn’t know any better.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    yeah, it was..LOL I meant Siblings

  • In my opinion she doesn’t have a chance, never had a choice. She is more of a mother to those children than Michelle is, and if she walked away, the whole family would be forced to shun her. Losing those children would be too painful for her, with how many of them there are. She is tied down not just by indoctrination and ignorance of her options, but also by the unnatural ties between her and her younger siblings she’s been forced to raise and mother like they were her own.

  • paganheart

    At the very least, the Coogan Act (which governs how child actors are paid and treated) should be expanded to cover children on “Reality” TV shows. Right now, kids on “Reality” TV are conveniently exempt. Making producers, directors, camera operators and others who work on “Reality” TV shows mandatory child abuse reporters would also be helpful. Neither are likely to happen, unfortunately, because it would kill the highly profitable golden goose that is “Reality” TV.

  • persephone

    I was wondering about the money. Jim Bob can’t legally agree to a contract that involves his adult children, so I have to wonder how the money was paid out. He’s got to have millions squirreled away somewhere.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I’ve read that the Coogan Act doesn’t even cover actual child actors that well. We really need comprehensive new legislation for the new millennium– maybe called the Lohan Act.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    If they actually prosecuted a few mandatory reporters that are reality tv crew persons it might send a big message. But of course that’s never going to happen.

  • paganheart

    That’s true, sadly…we probably do need an updated “Lohan Act” to better protect child actors in the 21st century…and maybe a “Duggar Act” to protect “Reality” TV kids from abuse and exploitation.

  • Nea

    I agree that she has neither chance nor choice, and that’s her tragedy. Even the next two oldest girls haven’t had to step in to do Michelle’s job like Jana has.

    But she’s also old enough to remember what life was like when there were fewer siblings and a lot less money. She must be dreading a return to too many people in too small a house with not enough facilities and being expected to be the one to make it all work out. I frankly doubt that Michelle would help do the mothering even if she knew how; she’s spent too long being pampered as the fertility goddess of the household and likely still has not yet come to terms with her own menopause.

  • Nea

    But… but… but… they did everything Gothard told them to! And Gothard promised that if you just do everything he tells you, life will be perfect!

    /sarcasm, of course

  • Nea

    For all of Jim Bob and Michelle’s nattering about “leave and cleave,” JB made darn sure that his adult, married daughters couldn’t get out of the family compound. He dragged their husbands away from their education and careers for TV; he housed the new couples in properties that he owned.

    If a lifetime of Gothardism didn’t browbeat those girls into assuming that their victimization was their fault, I’m sure Daddy had plenty to threaten them with if they didn’t go on TV and say exactly what they were told to say.

    And then Jill got half a world away where Daddy can’t reach her anymore.

    As for the documentary, I’ll believe it’s happening when I see it. Jill’s not coming home anytime soon, and the Duggars are unlikely to participate in anything where they can’t control the message.

  • Nea

    $5 says the money went to Duggarnaut LLC, sole proprietor Jim Bob, to be “shared out” as chief financial officer Jim Bob deems appropriate for the family.

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Honestly, I think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar must believe: a) that they’re entitled to be on TV; b) that the money they’ve made peddling a lie is theirs; and c) that they should never have to work at a day job, ever again.

    Do they even care about how the children will cope with not being on camera 24/7? Or how they’ll make the transition back to ordinary life? Has it occurred to them, or to Golden Boy Josh, how to properly budget what they have earned so that everyone may live, if not in high style, at least with some measure of comfort? Or that, maybe, just perhaps, the younger children would fare better if they were given the freedom to be children, rather than shiny happy domestic help? Maybe attend a public school, socialize with others their age, even leave home to attend a college. Not a Bible Training School, not some place like Liberty, Patrick Henry, or Bob Jones. A four-year, non-sectarian, college or university where they can study science, literature, dance…and they can ask questions.

    Still, I fear that the Duggar girls, including Mackynzie and Meredith, will be trained to be demure sister moms and surrogate wives, never to leave home till the fathers marry them off. (And even then, Jim Bob will still find ways to ruin their lives.)

    The boys may enjoy greater liberty, but they, too, will be at their father’s beck and call.

    Heaven help them.

  • cat

    But they prayed about it and Josh did some handyman work at some guys farm. What more could they have done? (sarcasm)

  • SAO

    The wheels are coming off. I’m not convinced the Duggar ideology will last long enough until MacKynzie and Meredith are old enough to get married. While there are clearly some second generation fundies, how many of the 3rd generation are still signed up for it all?

  • To be honest? They aren’t capable of that. They haven’t even realised their family IS unhealthy, and apparently never will. Even after all this.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Is TLC going to kick them out of that house they’re living in? Unless they’re getting evicted then at least the facilities and space will be the same as they’re used to, just without the cameras recording.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    If I were Ben’s parents, I’d be rather pissed off that they were brought on board with their son marrying Jessa, likely JB presented it as the direction the show was going to head as it continued into the future, only to see their son and his new wife moved into that small house that Josh and Anna lived in, the show cancelled, and all the champagne wishes and caviar dreams were *poof* over before they really began.

    Even if they felt that the couple’s marriage was based on fraud (bride not the pure angel she was said to be?) she got pregnant quickly enough so annulment is out of the question.

  • Nea

    I don’t think TLC will kick them out, but I doubt they can afford the upkeep and running expenses even if they continued to dodge the taxes. More likely Jim Bob will pull a Rusty Yeats and rent out the good house while shoving his family somewhere too small — although hopefully he won’t reduce them to a bus in their own back yard.

    ETA: that place is big enough for him to rent it as convention/conference space, come to think of it.

  • SAO

    It’s not just the consent issue, it’s also that they were selling a lifestyle on the grounds that this would protect their children — and yours, if you join them — from worldly influences like teen sex. And it utterly failed. Most normal people view consensual teen sexual activity as far more acceptable than the creepy, incestuous stuff Josh did.

    Most people don’t buy the line that the Duggars have a direct line to God and — surprise! —God happens to want exactly what they want.

  • L’Anne

    I don’t think TLC can kick them out. They had the house started year or so before TLC started filming them so they had already acquired most of the materials for building and had started building before that gravy train rolled in. TLC definitely helped immensely by bringing in trained workers to finish the build AND correct errors, and TLC has been funding and changing their lives. All those trips. The new tech. The modernization of the girls’ wardrobes. At least limits on blanker training and other forms of corporal discipline/ punishment. It really is no wonder that the kids don’t want the show to end.

  • L’Anne

    Jill and Derick are due back in Arkansas in August. This is a 30 day mission. Speculation that it is so short is because
    1- Derick recently had major dental surgery or
    2- because most mission associations (like SOS, the one they are with) require anyone with only short term mission trip experience to make at least one 30 day mission before being eligible for longer trips (Jill has done missions of a week at most).

  • Nea

    I’m sorry to hear that. It means that Jill hasn’t escaped the family cult, nor that she is likely to avoid going down with the Duggarnaut.

  • mjc3834

    All I’m saying is that the girls aided JimBob and Michelle my minimizing the severity of Josh’s actions and helped the cover it up. These girls have nothing to contribute to a documentary about child abuse/molestation. They are both adult women now, and should realize by making light of the whole situation, they put their younger siblings – especially the little girls – at risk.

  • mjc3834

    Maybe JimBob should spend his time looking for a job, instead of spending all his time on the internet trying to convince everyone that he should be allowed to get back on the tv gravy train. Michelle could get a job too. What else does she have to do? She doesn’t have to care of her children (the older kids do that) or housework (all the kids do that). No reason she can’t go out and contribute to the family income.

  • mjc3834

    He has his house classified as tax free because the house is classified as a church. He won’t have to pay taxes on it or anything.

  • mjc3834

    SunnyDay – Everything you said is true. However, just exactly what could the girls contribute to a documentary on child abuse/molestation? They totally minimized the severity of Josh’s actions and they aided their parents in covering it up. Call it brainwashing, or anything you want. I don’t think these organizations trying to help abused/molested children would want the message that the girls sent out used in a documentary. THey want to help victims, not show them how to ignore what’s happened. Which is exactly what the girls did. For them to appear on the documentary and repeat what they have already said, would be a real slap in the face to victims. The girls totally deny that they were victimized by Josh. What kind of a message is that?

  • mjc3834

    So, what are they going to say in the documentary? That they lied, because that’s what their parents told them to do? Not a message that should be relayed to victims.

  • mjc3834

    These kids (none of them) probably couldn’t get into a college, even if they were allowed. They all were/are being home schooled according to the Gothard theory. They not only wouldn’t qualify for college, they probably wouldn’t qualify for the most meaningless job. They have no smarts and no skills.

  • Nea

    That’s what I meant by “dodge the taxes” – but he still has to pay for the electricity, heating, cooling, water, etc. He may not be able to do that for long.

  • Nea

    Correct errors? One worries about what a deathtrap the untrained, unmonitored Duggars might have been building.

    I don’t think they’ll be “kicked out” by TLC, but I do think that the money to keep the house running will run out. It’s about the last really good asset Jim Bob has, now that his political and TV careers are in shambles and he can’t profit off of pimping his kids on TV anymore.

  • KathyNYC

    I think there is a difference though (though I understand and agree with your your point about growing up with TV cameras). John and Kate had a large family because of fertility issues and they had a larger family than they anticipated. The Duggar’s large family came from religious beliefs.. as they even stated they would have more if they could no matter how their current children are doing. I am not a big fan of Kate but she has never once promoted her family as a standard of love and morality.

  • KathyNYC

    Yes they have Sunday services there – so no taxes. How convenient.

  • KathyNYC

    If they really wanted to get their word out as their primary motivation – they could just make videos and put them on the internet (as someone rightly mentioned in another thread). But they need to have them on TV – so they can get paid for it. What a rip…

  • Anonyme

    This isn’t directly related to the article, but I just had to share this comment from one of The Kelly Files’s FB posts re: the fifth victim (presumably the babysitter) coming forward with a lawsuit (if reports are true).

    It’s either a brilliant troll or the most moronic attempt to “exonerate” Josh I’ve yet read. After seeing how many hoops Duggar fans will jump through to excuse Josh, however, I think it’s real. I’m going to my sad corner now.

  • Anonyme

    Unfortunately she (probably) has no “job skills” to offer.

  • L’Anne

    Well, there would still be time for her and family to get away via missions. I was surprised they did this one when they did, given that she had such a rough labor in April and he had major dental surgery just weeks later. The work he had done requires regular follow-up as well. It is possible for them to head out as long-term missionaries later, and they both expressed interest in doing so. But of all the older kids, Jill generally struck me as one of the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers who really bought into the ATI/IBLP schtick fully.

  • L’Anne

    No they do pay taxes on the house. This is one of those internet rumors that keeps getting circulated. But they do pay property taxes on the house.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Some victims have experienced just that situation… and fallen prey to it. They would undoubtedly understand perfectly how young women who are financially dependent on their secondary abuser would be vulnerable to such psychological pressure, especially if they’ve been brainwashed all their lives to believe that disobeying their father is tantamount to disobeying God.

  • Agree with that – you could see that even in the Fox interview with Jill and Jessa. Jessa is the one who broke down crying and actually seems to have felt victimized, to realise that what her brother did was wrong and it’s causing her serious cognitive dissonance to maintain the lie. Jill on the other hand, seemed to believe every word she said. Almost numb to it all. As someone else pointed out on a thread at the time, she didn’t even reach out to try and comfort her crying sister, not so much as a hand on the shoulder. She almost seemed to disapprove of the breakdown. It was a little bizarre and kind of hard to watch. :/ For that and many other reasons, obviously.

  • I had a better home education than most, and I still found college overwhelming and nearly impossible to deal with. Just the massive difference in the setting, pace, and expectations. However, I wouldn’t say they have no smarts or skills at all – I think some of them, especially the younger ones, may surprise you. Most ATI kids do get into college, they just tend to go to the approved Christian ones. (Insane ones, but still accredited colleges.) However, if any of them does decide to make a break for it, they could probably do pretty well for themselves, provided they did it with the right timing. I’ve heard some people say that Jinger seems one of the ones most likely to do so, and I think she’d have an excellent chance of making it if she did. But as I said, would need to pick the time to make her move carefully.

  • Agree with Astrin – it’s unfortunately far more common than you might think. For any one of those victims to hear it from someone they knew as TV personalities, or even just are told were TV personalities, that is validation, and that is usually what victims most need. For someone to validate their experience.

  • Deyndra

    All the more reason why they shouldn’t be considered. It just furthers the abuse against them, and their words have the potential to cause harm to other victims.

  • mjc3834

    I haven’t heard anything about the non-family victim and the “proposed” law suit. Is she going to pursue this or was she threatened, bought off or convinced by Quiverful that it was her fault?

  • mjc3834

    Supposedly, Josh told his parents about the fifth victim. If the victim DID sue the Duggars, how could they deny that Josh did this? JimBob and Michelle (under oath) would have to admit that Josh told them about it, which sounds to me, like the victim would have a case. Of course, there’s been so much lying from the Duggars, so far, there is a chance no one would believe anything they say. However, if they answer under oath, then that would hold up. If they lie under oath and they are contradicted by statements earlier that Josh told them about the victim; at least the could be charged with perjury, which would greatly affect any further testimony by JimBob and Michelle.

  • SAO

    Actually, liars and hypocrites makes for good TV. A lot of people watch TLC to see train wrecks.

  • mjc3834

    SAO – how pathetic is that?

  • mjc3834

    astrin ymris – but what makes any victims watching realize that the Duggar girls have fallen prey to being brainwashed by their parents? If victims rely on what the girls have said already – that this was just a young boy’s curiosity and, therefore, minimizing the severity of Josh’s actions, what would an innocent victim get from that? If the Duggar say anything to contradict what they have already said publicly, that would make them liars just like their parents. If this documentary is being made to help victims, the Duggar girls are not the ones that should be appearing. They deny that they were violated. I think the documentary would want to stress the violation that victims experience.

  • L’Anne

    Jill broke down crying, especially when talking about how she felt victimized by the media because they were bringing this up and she didn’t it to come out. And she cried about calling Derick at work that she was upset this news was out. I think Jill as the one who started to bring up that she thought there was an agenda, much like Michelle said that.

    Things that have suggested that Jill has taken to her indoctrination are when she interjected when Jinger was talking about wanting to live in a city and Jill said “but if you didn’t get that, God would be telling you to work on contentment.”

    Or when she wrote an article for a Christian girls’ magazine about her courtship story. Apparently, at one point, they were feeling stressed with planning the wedding, especially with Derick’s mother so ill, and he suggested they just elope. And she said they couldn’t do that because it “wouldn’t make good testimony.”

    Or when she said that the most important part of her birth plan was assembling the right Bible verses to get her through the experience.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Um, I’ve read it was the other way around. Of course, when you have full genetic siblings both wearing Gothard-mandated hairstyles, it can be hard to tell the other from which.

  • L’Anne

    When they first married, Michelle was 17 and on birth control. They waited 4 years to start having kids. In that time, Jim Bob had a number of businesses, including a car dealership, a towing company, and some commercial real estate. Michelle worked at the car lot, answered phones for the towing co., and even ran the tow truck at times. Both she and Jim Bob had real estate licenses and she worked with his real estate business. The people they appear to be now seem very different from the people they were when they first married.

  • L’Anne

    Holy crappy grammar, Batman! (for that post from Otto Wulff)

  • Astrin Ymris

    The documentary could then cut to a psychologist, who would explain that this is a normal reaction when admitting the reality of the sexual abuse would cause a loyalty conflict for the victim.

    *sigh* Though of course, Jim Bob would NEVER allow the girls to appear on any documentary in which he wasn’t in complete control of the content, so it’s probably moot.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Which makes me wonder what type of la-la land of delusion they all live in. The Duggars were informed that the information was about to be released to In Touch through a US FIA request before it hit the media. Perhaps Jim Bob didn’t tell the daughters they were about to be outed like that.

  • mjc3834

    You are so right. JimBob would NEVER allow a psychologist to insinuate that the girls said what they did because of loyalty to the victim (or their parents, who toally brainwashed them). It’s hard to believe that JimBob would allow the girls to appear in this documentary, unless he has complete control over the whole thing. I would like to know if JimBob is, in any way, participating in the airing of this documentary. If he is, you might as write it off as more Duggar wheeling-dealing. Certainly not anything you could bet the farm on.

  • …..That may be correct. I am super unfamiliar with the show, so I was going by what I read, and I may have been misinformed. And yes, they are very hard to tell apart anyway.

  • Okay, sorry, apparently I had them mixed up. It was very weird, though, regardless.

  • persephone

    I’m even more interested in the contract terms, because, unless the children are listed as employees of Duggarnaut LLC, they would have a say in the terms.

  • annabilly

    They got it all right! But they thought they were holier than thou and thought whatever they did and do is amazing because they think of themselves as amazing. They should be ashamed of treating their daughters the way they do.

  • BondGurl7

    “God wants us to have a TV show!” “The kids want us to have a TV show!”
    Two things I loathe: using God and children as a cover for one’s greed and selfish ambition.