News: Jim Bob Duggar Pals Around With Christian Convict

News: Jim Bob Duggar Pals Around With Christian Convict July 9, 2015

newsby Suzanne Titkemeyer

News that came out yesterday with an accompanying photograph to prove it’s more than a rumor is that Jim Bob Duggar went to Mississippi to be there when tax evading scofflaw Kent Hovind was released from prison. I guess since Mississippi is such a hop, skip and a jump from Arkansas when you own a plane.

Remember Hovind? He’s a big proponent of Young Earth Creationism and started the Dinosaur Adventure Land  in Pensacola, Florida. He pushes the idea that the earth is only maybe six thousand years old instead of the at least fifty thousand years that carbon dating has proven and millions of years old  other scientific methods have proven. That’s not the only thing he’s done, back in 2007 he was convicted of 58 federal counts of indictment and ordered to serve ten years in prison. Part of that pile of convictions: a dozen tax offenses (word of advice: Never, and I mean never, screw with the IRS), one count of obstruction of federal agents (another big don’t do) and 45 – count-em – 45 charges of structuring cash settlements. After serving almost 8 years of his ten year sentence he was acquitted of additional charges and released.

Tax evasion? What sounds like some sort of money laundering or just hiding cash from the IRS? This is who Jim Bob Duggar rushes to support? Kind of makes me wish that Jim Bob Duggar would receive a long, slow, detailed IRS audit of his own. I’m always surprised and disgusted when these True Christian guys are convicted of crimes that most of polite society would not think of committing are immediately embraced by their own flock without any ‘Brother, you are forgiven, go and sin no more.’ Nope, it’s like their crimes don’t matter at all. Makes me smell something very rotten at the core of this theology.

It says to me that Jim Bob Duggar and the Kent Hovinds of this world think that they are above the laws in this country.

ETA: Yeah, if you’re coming here merely to tell me my science is flawed just stow it. I’ve already admitted in the comments that I attending college in the Jurassic age, burned a lot of brain cells in the 70s and can *gasp* actually be wrong and admit it. which is more than I can say for many of the folks that get quoted here..

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