News: Josh Duggar Being Sued By Non-Family Member Victim

News: Josh Duggar Being Sued By Non-Family Member Victim July 1, 2015

Meme from Facebook
Meme from Facebook

Again it is a Wednesday so you know that means if In Touch Weekly has scored a new legal document in the ongoing TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting” Josh Duggar sexual predator scandal they’ll be posting it. They did. Several new documents.

Josh Duggar is being sued by his one victim that is not one of his own sisters. Not really a shocker considering how much money that the Duggars have purportedly made off their TLC show and books through the years. Plus Josh was likely pulling down a big old fat stack of cash during his Family Research Counsel gig.

The interesting thing about this is the fact that because Michelle and Jim Bob hid the abuse from law enforcement it’s possible they too could be brought up on civil court charges. They are at the very least going to have to explain their actions in open court under oath. Because it’s a civil suit they cannot invoke the fifth amendment and will be forced to answer every question put to them on the stand or in the sworn deposition.

This latest bit of legal troubles could be the final straw for TLC, very likely leading to an official cancellation of the show. That and the fact that the DHS investigation into the possible child abuse/neglect/endangerment (we don’t know the reason) is still an open case.

More from In Touch about the lawsuit – Duggars Facing Lawsuit From Non Family Molestation Victim

Also it seems that the off duty police in their area were guarding the family and family home in round the clock shifts in the aftermath of the scandal. The allegations that caused DHS to take a look at the Duggars were reported in that time frame. Suspicious timing which makes me wonder if a mandatory reporter actually did what he or she was supposed to do. Also, is not having Tontitown Police working in the Duggar home during an investigation by the same department not some sort of law breaking conflict of interest?

From New York Daily News – Local Cops Hired To Protect Duggars Amid Investigation

And from In Touch Weekly – Duggar Investigation: Emails Reveal Cops Were Paid To Guard The Very Family They’re Investigating


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