Planet Mommywood Replies to Vyckie Garrison

Planet Mommywood Replies to Vyckie Garrison July 20, 2015
Here, have a Sky Goat. Makes as much sense as the Planet Mommywood ladies. Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer
Here, have a Sky Goat. Makes as much sense as the Planet Mommywood ladies. Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer

by Suzanne Titkemeyer

This morning one of our readers emailed me a link to a duo I’ve quoted here a couple of times in our Quoting Quiverfull feature and that Vyckie Garrison mentioned rather kindly and stated nothing derogatory about in one of her postings— Quiverific!. The Planet Mommywood (is this a play on names ala Planet Hollywood and its over priced burgers? Confusing?) ladies, Jenn and Kristen, did a video in reply to Vyckie’s article.

Here’s what Vyckie said about their video on Facebook earlier today:

Quiverfull moms, Jenn and Kristen, from Planet Mommyhood made a YouTube video “responding” to my “Quiverific” post on No Longer Quivering in which I didn’t actually say anything derogatory about either of them. Despite how kindly I wrote about their version of Quiverfull, these two apparently felt defensive enough to devote 13+ minutes laughing too loud while insisting that they are NOT being abused.

They also have some advice for me: Don’t be a follower! If only I’d have truly known Jesus, everything would’ve been super cool and awesome because True Christians™ never abuse or get abused. Too bad for me … I just wasn’t doing Christianity or Quiverfull right … obviously.

Interestingly, I just put together a new presentation for the upcoming Gateway To Reason conference titled “A Quiver Full of Abuse” in which I blatantly state that 100% of Quiverfull families are abusive:

There is a huge emphasis on hierarchy and authority in the minds of fundamentalist believers and it is this emphasis on patriarchy which guarantees that, to the degree in which the family puts Quiverfull ideals into practice, that family IS living a dysfunctional relationship dynamic which necessarily involves mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse … and too often there will be physical and sexual abuse as well

The big problem with people who are practicing Quiverfull while trying to pretend they are not is that they are really having to perform a mental gymnastics over every aspect of their lives. Cult brainwashing creates these internal cognative dissonance issues that look so crazy to the outside world but must be protected at all costs within the cult.

How do people fall for these types of cults? When you’re hurting inside, longing to be part of a loving, accepting family. They join to have friends, a real sense of community and connection. They come in vulnerable, open, accepting the brainwashing until they can no longer see the reality of this culture they’ve joined. The deeper you immerse yourself into the cult such things as worldly exterior appearances go by the wayside and you do eventually withdraw from the real world. Neither seem to be at the point of jumpers and no makeup, but wearing eyeliner and speaking in flippant language just means they aren’t fully immersed yet. Reentry can be difficult.

Dear ladies of Planet Mommywood we’re here for you when you start to realize what a dangerous thing you’ve been sold and you need healing from what you’ve been through.

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