Quoting Quiverfull: Jeans and Short Hair Enslave Women?

Quoting Quiverfull: Jeans and Short Hair Enslave Women? July 28, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Reagan Ramm from Reagan Ram.com – Modesty” A Guy’s Opinion Part 2

Editor’s note: I don’t think most of the women I know with short hair, myself included, do it to look ‘masculine’,to be like guys or because we’ve embraced a feminist message. Mostly women wear pants, jeans, tee shirts and short hair for comfort or expediency. Sometimes the simplest explanation for something is the correct one. It’s not some anti-Christian plot no matter how they spin it. Is masculinity so weak and threatened in the church that it cannot survive anyone doing anything even slightly outside the dictates of fundamentalism?

Not too long ago, women would pretty much always wear a dress or a skirt. But with the Feminist movement, women were convinced that they were “oppressed” or not equals to men, so they started wearing pants, and cutting their hair short (among other things) to try to be more like men. That doesn’t mean if a girl today wears pants that she is trying to be masculine, but that’s how it started. That was the idea behind it. And today, a lot of women do reject femininity. The culture has told them that it’s wrong to be feminine. So you see a lot more females acting and dressing like males. That’s not empowering women, that’s enslaving them. Forcing them into a role that they weren’t created to fill.

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