Quoting Quiverfull: Part 14 – Homeschoolers Embracing The World?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 14 – Homeschoolers Embracing The World? July 3, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Jumping Ship Part 2

Editor’s note: We’re returning to Michael Pearl in only one day due to the fact that Ladies Against Feminism, Desiring God, Nancy Campbell and others are very busy screaming that the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality means either hard core Marxism is coming or that God is lifting his hand of protection off the United States so that we’ll soon experience God’s wrath via some happening. Life is hard enough without listening to or entertaining their martyrbating. This is the last bit from Part 2 of Michael Pearl’s series Jumping Ship. In this bit Michael tries to say that acting like a boyish animal-abusing jerk is what guys do to subdue (bully) the earth into submission.


You must provide the tools and opportunity for your boys to subdue. I remember one day after hard work, my boys decided they wanted to dig a cave in the ridge beside the house. Two of their friends joined them. Four boys between the ages of ten and fourteen, dug out five yards of rocky soil in about two hours. It was a mammoth task. If I had made them do it for some valid reason, it would have taken them three or more grudging days, but when they were working toward their own vision, it was all play. Do you understand boys? Do you really understand men? That piece of hard ground had been lying there in defiance ever since Noah’s flood. It needed to be taught a lesson. It needed to be conquered, subdued, made to serve them. They beat it. They won. They benefited greatly.
A boy takes a BB gun out and stalks helpless, little, pretty birds all day long. Finally, he kills one. He plucks out the prettiest and longest feathers and sticks them in his hat. “…dominion over the birds of the air…”

I remember as a boy I loved to go down to the ditch that ran under the road close to the house, and there I would fish for crawfish. There was a pool of water there about eight feet across and about eighteen inches deep. It was full of the defiant little creatures with the hard shells and snappy pinchers. Over several years I perfected my technique for catching them. I would put them in a bucket and show them off to my highly appreciative and admiring friends. It was a big brag to catch a big, red crawfish that everyone was afraid to pick up. When they had all tried and lost their nerve, I would carefully pick up the monster and hold it up at eye level for all to see. To get further admiration, I would tease the creature with the other hand, tempting him to snap shut on my finger. “…dominion over the fish of the sea…”

When I was a young teenager, I would catch poisonous snakes and skin them out to make hatbands. “…dominion over every thing that creepeth upon the earth…”

The building of the Pyramids was the exercise of dominion. Even girls have a “quarter measure” of this dominion in them. They are nest builders. They don’t care to rope a bear, but they will take a little corner of the world and turn it into a home for their men and their children. My girls loved to build dwelling places. They would stack logs in the woods to make a house. They would decorate a treehouse that the boys built, or they would take a corner of the barn and turn it into a dining room where they would serve tea.

The physical world offers challenges to the male population. It is primarily men who chase tornadoes, seeing how close they can get, and photographing themselves doing so as proof of their prowess. Men are attracted to violent, belching volcanoes, high mountains, and the dangerous depths of the sea.

One of the Russian boys just got a new bicycle today. A few moments ago he came in with a badly banged up knee. He had jumped his bicycle off the porch. Anybody can ride on flat ground, but to sail through the air, to land without crashing (hopefully) and to get up and try something higher next time—what a thrill to defy the law of gravity, conquer, and subdue! I didn’t tell him not to try it again. He is learning. Let him put his face to the wind and discover his own powers and his limitations. All famous inventors were people who didn’t believe in established limitations. Their God-given drive to exercise dominion and to subdue was not limited by what others believed.

If you are going to keep your children happy and satisfied being on your ship, you must provide for the full expression of their dominion drives. There is much more to it than this, but kids have jumped ship for less. Take your son to the pilot-house when he is only three months old and put his hands on the wheel; then imagine him piloting the ship while you sleep, and then train him to do so.

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  • Astrin Ymris

    Re: “…One of the Russian boys just got a new bicycle today…”

    Dear God, someone approved Michael Pearl to adopt?!?

  • Nea

    Shorter: I am violent and domineering, therefore all penis bearers are violent and domineering. There is no earthly reason for turning that drive to dominate scientific or engineering challenges, only physical ones. Also girls are stupid and inferior, pale echoes of real people.

  • Saraquill

    May that be a typo on Pearl’s part.

  • Antoinette Herrera

    “Capturing and killing critters smaller and weaker than you? Practice for your wedding night, boys! (And yes, girls nesting too, but that doesn’t really count.)”

    Once again, the Great and Powerful Pearl displays his utter cruelty and depravity. Not that he really cares if anyone’s offended, mind you.

  • Rachel

    Torturing and killing animals that are smaller and weaker than you, and calling defiant the ones that have the nerve to actually want to live. Soooooooooo manly.

  • Anonyme

    ‘A boy takes a BB gun out and stalks helpless, little, pretty birds all
    day long. Finally, he kills one. He plucks out the prettiest and longest
    feathers and sticks them in his hat. “…dominion over the birds of the

    Oh good, let’s kill an innocent animal to feel big. Let’s kill a harmless bird, rip off its feathers and let it rot. The Bible passages about having “dominion” didn’t mean one can be a sadistic ass and kill on a whim to feed one’s fragile ego. It was an instruction by God, Who (per the Bible) for Adam (and hopefully Eve, too) to tend TO the animals, not murder them.

  • Nea

    Note: you can only dominate the smaller and weaker. Don’t bother testing yourself against the stronger – you might fail.

  • Nea

    Really relates to his childrearing advice though, doesn’t it? Beat up the smaller and weaker; complain that some of them protest.