Quoting Quiverfull: Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson Love Story?

Quoting Quiverfull: Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson Love Story? July 13, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Stephen R Nichols of Regency Church as posting on Steven L Anderson’s blog – Response to Stephen R. Nichols False Allegations

Editor’s note: This post of Anderson’s is a perfect example of internecine bickering, blaming and hate that seems to be more rampant in fundamentalist churches than anywhere else in the world. Be sure and read the full posting on Anderson’s blog to witness all the sniping and slapping full bore. I did find Nichol’s description of how Steven and Zsuzsanna’s meeting and nuptials interesting. I guess it shows there is someone out there for everyone and at least he didn’t force Zsu to go crabbing over and over on their honeymoon like someone we could mention coughcoughMichaelPearlcoughcough. No idea how true any of this is because we all know that fundamentalist pastors love to practice historical revision when they cut someone out of their circle.

In spite of this Steven grew in the Lord became a faithful soul winner and when he finished public high school went to Germany on a Missions trip. There he met a young gal and they communicated by email. He flew her to the US, picked  her up at airport and had her recite the sinner’s prayer so they could go to Reno and get married. He came to church and said this is my wife who couldn’t hardly speak English very good at the time

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