Scott Brown’s Seven Questions For True Believers

Scott Brown’s Seven Questions For True Believers July 14, 2015

Vyckieby Vyckie Garrison No Longer Quivering founder

Very interesting … Scott Brown recently added a video to the National Center for Family Integrated Churches network page with a disclaimer stating that NCFIC doesn’t actually evaluate the churches listed in the network, and he lists seven questions to ask which supposedly will help True Believers™ find “healthy congregations.”

Scott Brown’s seven criteria seem to me like the perfect recipe to guarantee serious spiritual abuse:

#1 – Does this church preach the true gospel?
#2 – Does this church place the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of everything?
#3 – Is the Bible the ultimate authority in this church?
#4 – Does the pastor attempt to biblical exposition, or is he simply speaking out of his own passions?
#5 – Is the church elder led, or is the senior pastor biblically qualified? Ideally, we recommend you go to a church with multiple biblically-qualified elders.
#6 – Does the church practice discipline?
#7 – Is the church age-integrated, or substantially so?


Vyckie Garrison started No Longer Quivering to tell the story of her “escape” from the Quiverfull movement. As time has passed Vyckie has become the passionate voice for those leaving male centric high demand cult Christianity, speaking at national conferences and in the mainstream media.  She has spread the word of what Fundamentalist Quiverfull Christianity is about and the dangers of that lifestyle.

Over time, NLQ has developed into a valuable resource of information regarding the deceptions and dangers of the Quiverfull philosophy and lifestyle. Several more former QF adherents are now contributing their stories to NLQ and our collective voice makes these Quiverfull warnings impossible to dismiss or ignore.


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