Josh Duggar Befriends Strippers on Facebook?

Josh Duggar Befriends Strippers on Facebook? August 21, 2015

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Josh better be glad he’s not in Westeros where the Sparrows could force him into a literal walk of shame. Meme from

Thanks for the heads up on this to one of our dear readers in our comments.

Here comes that rumored link between Josh Duggar and strippers, excuse me, adult entertainers who work in gentlemen’s clubs.

According to Radar Online and International Business Times the same email address that Josh Duggar used for his Ashley Madison account and his OkCupid account,, was also used for a Facebook account in the name Joe Smithson. Smithson’s Facebook friends? Women who work in strip clubs and women who model lingerie.

Searched today and was unable to find this account but it’s likely that Josh has taken it down as of last night, or made it private between late last night when the article came out with the Facebook news. Has anyone seen the Facebook profile?

Again, it’s most curious that another Josh fake profile has him claiming to have graduated from real legitimate college when we all know that’s a big fib. Most on this story as it develops. Josh had this Facebook page four years prior to his marriage to Anna.

I do not doubt there is more scandal out there that will emerge in the coming days.

ETA: This is Josh’s Joe Smithson Facebook page


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