Justin Harris Getting “Courage” Award Tonight From Ted Cruz After Rehoming Adopted Daughters With Rapist

Justin Harris Getting “Courage” Award Tonight From Ted Cruz After Rehoming Adopted Daughters With Rapist August 12, 2015

Image from Arkansas House.org
Image from Arkansas House.org

by Suzanne Titkemeyer

From the ‘Oh my Gawd this is effing insane!’ file comes news in the Arkansas Times that Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris is going to be receiving an award tonight from the Family Council Action Committee at a fundraising dinner for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Why is Harris receiving the award? Because of the ‘courage’ he supposedly exhibited when the entire nation was angry at his rehoming his two young adopted daughters with a sexual predator that preys on children. Seriously, he’s receiving a “Power of Courage” award!

No, this is not from The Onion, even as it sounds like it is.

Why are he and Arkansas Rep. Charlene Fite receiving these awards? According to FCAC:

“demonstrated courage by standing strong in faith when situations were tough at the State Capitol and they did so with grace. They are consistently models of their Christian values in their homes, their communities, and their churches.”

and they had this specifically to say about Harris:

Even when opposed by the liberal media, Representative Harris has always held firm and stood tall in his faith. No one can deny Representative Harris’ faith has always led him while serving at the Arkansas State Capitol. In 2015, Harris sponsored the Parental Involvement Enhancement Act, requiring parents to be involved in their children’s decision to terminate life by requesting an abortion. This is now law today.

No mention of the fact that Justin Harris has a long laundry list of unsavory unChrist-like actions involving the adoption of the two little girls:

  • Used his position to put pressure on DHS to allow him and his wife to adopt the girls even after adoption caseworkers said that neither Justin or his wife were equipped to deal with the issues surrounding the sisters.
  • Threatened to hold up approval of the DHS operating budget if he was not allowed to adopt the girls.
  • Claimed the children were ‘possessed by demons’ instead of suffering from legitimate issues from childhood abuse.
  • The children were then locked into a room with no toys or books and monitored only by closed circuit television.
  • Believed the two girls could communicate telepathically because they were demon possessed.
  • Attempted to have several exorcisms performed on the girls.
  • Refuses to take any responsibility for the problems with the adoption, instead blames the children’s mother and Arkansas DHS.
  • Employed the child molester he rehomed the girls with at his daycare facility.
  • Receives most of his income for the daycare from federal grants.
  • When the news came out that he rehomed the children with a sexual predator Harris blamed everything on political revenge instead of admitting he may have made a mistake.

Do any of these sound like courageous or Christian actions to you? Modeling Christian values in the home?  I’m astounded that any organization can possibly think Justin Harris is any sort of role model or behaved with honor much less courage. This is outrageous!

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The only award this man should be receiving is for being a cowardly liar for putting children at risk.


Arkansas Times: “UPDATE, 4:09 p.m.: Jerry Cox, President of the Family Council, said that it will not present its “Power of Courage” awards to Reps. Harris and Fite this evening after all. The two legislators will still receive their awards, but at a later date and venue of their choosing.

Cox said the event organizers — the Crawford County Republican Party — asked the Family Council to not present the awards this evening at its Lincoln Day Dinner, headlined by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. “Since we are their guests, we certainly complied,” he said.”

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