News: Does Josh Duggar Also Have An OkCupid Account?

News: Does Josh Duggar Also Have An OkCupid Account? August 19, 2015

newsGawker has found an OkCupid account with the same email and name as on Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison account. Whoever this guy is he’s from Northwest Arkansas and was living in DC looking for casual sex. The profile has a photo that is clearly not Josh Duggar but everything else fits. What do you think?

It’s also worth noting that, on this OKCupid profile, “Joesmithsonnwa” claims to be looking for “casual sex” while simultaneously describing himself as a “strictly monogamous” type. “Joesmithsonnwa” last appeared online in September of 2014 (around the same time Josh J Duggar’s credit card stopped paying for the first Ashley Madison account), and “Joesmithsonnwa” lists his location as near where Duggar, his wife, and their three children lived in Oxon Hill, Maryland—that is, until they moved back to Arkansas when scandal hit.

What’s more, his occupation is listed as “politics,” and Duggar was the Executive Director of the Family Research Council at the same time this profile was active.

On the other hand, the man in this profile lists himself as having “graduated from university,” where as Josh did not, in fact, graduate college. It is, however, very, very rare that a Google search for one phrase only turns up one other link, but we also don’t have any credit card data to corroborate this particular 27-year-old casual-sex-seeker’s identity.

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