News: Josh Duggar in Rehab – Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine

News: Josh Duggar in Rehab – Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine August 26, 2015

joshannaTMZ is reporting that Josh Duggar has now gone away into a long term rehab in order to try and deal with his issues. No word where or if it is a legitimate counseling facility or if it’s some gimcrack fundamentalist Christian ‘do construction work while you repent place.’

Also Anna Duggar will receive counseling. Again, no word on if this is real and useful counseling or shame and blame based Bill Gothard style counseling that does more harm than good. Will update this page as more news arrives.

From TMZ:

The Duggar family says it’s a “long-term treatment center” … but does not say what kind of treatment he’s getting. While Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle have rarely admonished him … they directly ripped him, saying … “His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others. He has also brought great insult to the values and faith we hold dear.”

The latest issue of People magazine which will be in the newsstands on Friday, features a cover story on the Quiverfull movement. Reporter Christine Pelisek spoke with Kathryn Joyce, Cheryl Heartsees Seelhoff, and Vyckie Garrison to expose the Duggar family worldview.

In some such families, husbands “are catered to like temper-tantrum-throwing 3-year-olds,” says Garrison. “The wives become total martyrs, and the husbands become complete narcissists. It is a really bad dynamic.”

ETA: Yesterday’s story of Josh Duggar and a porn star affair has been confirmed by her own statement  – Danica Dillon Details Terrifying Rough Sex

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