News: Northwest Arkansas Newspaper Suing For Copy of Duggar 911 Call

News: Northwest Arkansas Newspaper Suing For Copy of Duggar 911 Call August 29, 2015

newsBack in May during the fallout over the child molestation done by Josh Duggar someone reported concerns for one of the children to the local DHS. A social worker tried to visit the home and was denied access to the child in question and the home by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Faced with no other choice in an ugly situation the social worked dialed up 911 and asked for law enforcement help in their investigation. Pretty straightforward situation, right?

Not quite. Tontitown Police have stymied access to the records of that call after a request by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Even as In Touch Weekly managed to get a copy of the 911 call the powers that be in Tontitown denied the FOIA request by the newspaper. Now the Tontitown police department is being sued.

From Arkansas Online:

The lawsuit contends Tontitown officials haven’t released documents requested under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, or released redacted copies of the documents, and haven’t given a reason for refusing to fulfill the request. The lawsuit claims Tontitown officials eventually said they have no records subject to disclosure.

The 911 call was initially answered at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and subsequently transferred to Tontitown police, according to the lawsuit.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the 911 call recording on June 10 after Springdale police denied an FOIA request for the call. A copy of the 911 call was obtained by In Touch magazine of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., through an earlier FOI request by the magazine.

There is some speculation that the request was denying because the police thought that the original order closing and destroying the DHS and police records concerning the incident of Josh Duggar sexually molesting five little girls. Since this is an entirely different incident not connected to the doings of a teenage Josh Duggar there is no legal reason that the Tontitown/Springdale authorities cannot turn over redacted records. What do you think the Duggars might be trying to hide or deflect here?

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