News: One of Josh Duggar’s Lovers Speaks Out

News: One of Josh Duggar’s Lovers Speaks Out August 25, 2015

newsThe porn star on Josh Duggar’s fake Joe Smithson Face Book account has started to talk.  From an ‘unnamed source’ claiming to be friends with web cam girl and adult entertainer Danica Dillon. From Radar Online:

Said the source, “She claimed he reached out to her online. Without saying much, she hinted that there were even secret hotel sessions!”

Worst of all? The encounters took place when Anna was pregnant, according to the insider.

And that might not be all. “Danica is hinting that there is a lot more than the public knows about what Josh has done,” the source said. “It’s possible he paid her for webcam sessions too. She’s saying that Anna should leave him now, before even worse stories come out!”

Oddly enough that Duggar ‘unnamed insider’ that is always  babbling out pro-Duggar stories to the tabloids has be largely silent when the Ashley Madison leak.

Stay tuned because I highly doubt that this is the bottom or the worst of the scandal involving Josh Duggar and his various bouts with infidelity and pornography.

Cannot imagine how hard all of this much be on Anna since every day or two more awful details of her husband’s disrespect of her and their family and his flagrant cheating come to light. Hoping that her brother Daniel manages to talk some sense into her and she gets far away from the Duggar clan. We’re all pulling for you Anna Duggar!

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