Quoting Quiverfull: Is It Ever Appropriate To Hand Out Tracts?

Quoting Quiverfull: Is It Ever Appropriate To Hand Out Tracts? August 21, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Trish Ramos of Fish With Trish – The Righteous Aren’t Always As Bold As A Lion LOL

Editor’s note: You remember Trish, don’t you? She’s the one that said that when you see another woman wearing something you think is immodest you should go up to her and point at the immodest display part and say ‘uh oh’ before handing them a tract on modesty. She’s also a big supporter and friend to the guy we posted yesterday who thinks he’s Christianity’s answer to Jon Stewart – Todd Friel. Here’s my question between his show and her tracts – are there appropriate times and places to hand out tracts? What about at a restaurant when people are just trying to get their meal on? Where is the line between being helpful and being an obnoxious tool? Are they just too busy judging others to be able to consider this is may not be the best place and time to hand out what’s likely going to go straight into the trash?

After we had been eating for a bit, a very effeminate guy with a purse walks into the patio area and sits directly behind me. Our eyes got huge. We had just been talking about Ray Comfort’s new movie, Audacity, which had been released that very day. Oh, how we wished we had an Audacity tract to give to him! A Biggest Question DVD or a 180 Movie tract would be just as good though, we decided. People love getting free movies.

“I think I have some in my car,” Kristen said and she quickly jumped up to go look, but came back empty handed. She couldn’t find any.

By now the patio is FULL of people who all seem to be smoking, and one table even had a cute pit bull puppy. Suddenly, fear gripped me just thinking about giving them tracts (and it was not because of their dog, lol). I start digging through my bag trying to find a tract that would allow for a quick getaway and come up with my “Doggit” tract and start tossing them across the table to Kristen.

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