Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 – Children Are Foolish?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 – Children Are Foolish? August 28, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy – Foolishness or Wisdom

Editor’s note: Here Debi ignores the fact that not properly feeding kids is child abuse, neglect and setting them up for a lifetime of struggling with eating disorders. She thinks it teaches children to be deceitful, which is considered so much worse than the fact that the parents are legally abusing and neglecting the child. Parents with obese children get blamed too. Debi lots to throw shade at everyone before reverting to the Pearl cure-all, a whipping with 1/4 plastic plumbing line, the same implement of torture that has played a role in the deaths of Lydia Schatz and Hana Grace Williams.

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But please use common sense. Feed a hungry child when he is hungry; don’t cause him to be tempted above that which he is able. When you allow children to get so hungry they want to sneak around to satisfy their hunger, you are training them to be thieves and liars. Instead of being trained to walk in truth, they are being trained to walk in deceit. For every thirty slacker parents who allow their children to overeat, there is one parent who goes overboard in demanding austerity in the child’s diet. Observers would characterize those parents as legalistic, angry, short-fused, lacking a fun spirit. Ask God for wisdom and listen to the advice of wise parents around you.

The moral of the story is this: Not all children are rebellious, loud, selfish, mean, aggressive, bossy, whiny, or moody, but all children have foolishness bound in their hearts. Give your children the gifts of wisdom, sobriety, and a sound mind; drive foolishness far from them.

It is much easier to squelch foolish behavior while the child is yet young. If you catch him acting silly or irresponsible, then rebuke and spank as needed to produce sobriety. When you see him do a dumb thing and you know he knows better (or at least should know better), communicate the seriousness of your concern with an unemotional, measured spanking.

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