Quoting Quiverfull: Women Want To Beat Men All The Time At Everything?

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Want To Beat Men All The Time At Everything? August 25, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Tim Bayly of Bayly Blog – NEWS FLASH: Ranger female grads were ‘absolutely physical studs!’

Editor’s note: In a great twist of irony the dear reader that linked me to this also posted out that this is article #666 on feminism at the Bayly Blog. Oooops! The entire tone is ugly, hateful and demeaning, how ‘Christ-like’ right? Bayly is bloviating because two women made it through Airborne Ranger school and some other man called them ‘studs’. I hate that he thinks it’s okay to demean the appearance of physically strong women and call them ‘ugly’. I hate that Tim Bayly’s sense of masculinity is so weak that it is threatened by a few extraordinary women who are serving their country. White Christian male entitlement is never a pretty thing.

Reminds me of Samuel Johnson’s dismissal of women preachers saying the wonder isn’t that they do it well, but like a dog walking on hind legs, that they do it at all.

Yes yes, America: two women passed Rangers School. Yes yes, America: the women in Rangers School were superior to the men. Yes yes, America: soon there will be hundreds of women completing Rangers School. Yes yes, America: there are more women than men in seminary, now. Yes yes, America: women preachers do it better than men. One of the men who went through Rangers School with the two female graduates paid them his ultimate compliment: the women were “absolutely physical studs.”

Yes yes, America: in time, men will be giving birth while their strong ugly wives count the minutes between contractions and hold their husband’s hand. And a month later, Mr. Mom will be off in the break room pumping.

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