Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine

Vyckie Garrison in People Magazine August 28, 2015

vyckiecnnJust a quick reminder that No Longer Quivering founder  Vyckie Garrison was interviewed by People magazine in reference to the dangers of the Quiverfull life style. The issue will be on newsstands nationwide today. A teaser for the article can also be found at People.com – Duggar Scandal  

Here’s a few quotes by Vyckie from the article:

When it comes to sex after marriage, “the wife is obligated to provide sex to her husband on demand,” says Vyckie Garrison, a former disciple of the movement who now speaks out against it on her blog, No Longer Quivering.

“Your body doesn’t belong to you, and you are just required to submit to that.”

In some such families, husbands “are catered to like temper-tantrum-throwing 3-year-olds,” says Garrison. “The wives become total martyrs, and the husbands become complete narcissists. It is a really bad dynamic.”

Other friends of NLQ are quoted too: Kathryn Joyce and Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff.

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