Christian Cannabalism and Josh Duggar’s Sins: Michael Pearl Vs. Zsuzsanna Anderson

Christian Cannabalism and Josh Duggar’s Sins: Michael Pearl Vs. Zsuzsanna Anderson September 4, 2015

Image from Facebook
Image from Facebook

by Suzanne Titkemeyer

In this month’s release of No Greater Joy’s magazine there was an article by Michael Pearl supporting the Duggar family over Josh molesting his sisters. Here’s what Michael Pearl said in support of the family while claiming that Christians are cannibalizing each other. Apparently we’re all supposed to shut up about anything done wrong in the church according to Mikey:

When the Duggars were under attack, one “righteous” Christian woman wrote, “I always knew there was something wrong with that family.” Another continued the biting and devouring with this question: “Why would they go on TV claiming to be this righteous family when they knew they were harboring this dark secret?” Yet another chided, “There is no way you can have that many children and give them the care they need.”

I have never seen the Duggars on TV, never met them, and know very little about them. But I did follow the media assault, and I have to say I was highly impressed and proud to be a fellow believer with such an amazing family. They handled the situation with their son in the best of all possible ways. It was a godly response to a problem that affects over 50% of the homes in America, including Christian homes. That is why we wrote the two Yell and Tell children’s books.

Josh has found forgiveness through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. If God forgives, and the victims forgive, who am I to denigrate a man for the sins of his youth? I know I will lose a lot of support over what I am saying, but I would rather go down standing than to prosper bowing beside the enemies of God at the altar of social opinion.

As it went to press for September/October 2015 the news broke about Josh Duggar’s various affairs and membership to Ashley Madison. You’d think that Michael, like many other prominent fundamentalist enforcers would have joined the crowd saying that what he did this time was ‘unforgivable’ because he blackened the name of Jesus, but he did not: He did add this addendum to his website:

Update (08/28/2015)—Just as this magazine was reaching the public, Josh Duggar was exposed as a pornographer and adulterer, living—as he confessed—“a hypocritical life.” Someone in the office suggested we quickly remove the former three paragraphs about the Duggar family. I said, “Absolutely not, I stand by everything I wrote, and it will stay as I wrote it.” I find this to be a perfect opportunity to reinforce a major concern that I have for the thinness of modern Christianity. Are we nothing more than a coat of white paint?

Yes, Josh has defamed the name of Christians—not Christ. Josh has made us all more suspect of hypocrisy. One commentator said, “That proves it; being a Christian doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” Somehow the unbeliever thinks our striving to be a better person is a claim to be better than them. Have we contributed to that impression? I know quite a few Christians that have come from a broken, sin-sick past who are not nearly as “good” as some of the unbelievers I know. And those bumbling Christians make no claim to goodness; they just rejoice in forgiveness. Yet, I know thousands of true Christians and families that are indeed better for their relationship to Christ—much, much better.

Josh and a thousand other prominent personalities, many of them high-profile ministers, have indeed caused Christians to lose credibility once again. But I think we have been wearing a uniform passed down to us, honored for past accomplishments, and have not earned the respect we covet. We must earn the medals we wear in public.

I remain proud to be a part of the Christian faith with the Duggar family. My heart aches for them and for Josh’s wife and children, and for Josh as well. Josh is a man overcome by the flesh. He needs the fear of God, followed by the grace of God. He—and the church—does not need a mixed chorus of believers and unbelievers celebrating his downfall.

Somehow I seriously doubt that if Josh wasn’t famous that Michael Pearl would have defended him at all. He would have used what happened in another cautionary tale for a book or another web article on how only he has the right type of masculinity and righteousness. He loves to blame while building his own thinly veneered manliness up from that blame.

Speaking of blame, Steven L. Anderson (Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona) wife Zsuzsanna Anderson said back in May that perverts and child molesters should be put to death, Christian or not. She’s still saying that exact same thing in light of the new reveal:

However, I don’t believe that this applies to serious, harmful crimes like pedophilia that deserve the death penalty. Such people are beyond repair, or what the Bible calls reprobates – Romans 1 says they have “eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin.” Tell me that doesn’t describe Josh Duggar to a T! And when those same perpetrators then lift themselves up to national stardom, revolving entire seasons of their TV show around telling us how they supposedly stayed pure until marriage, it just becomes ridiculously hypocritical, and an object of public scrutiny and derision. If the Duggars seek the attention of millions of viewers, they cannot then hide behind “that’s a private matter” when it’s inconvenient. Remember, the only reason why 99.9% of us have ever even heard of them in the first place is because they chose to make their lives very public. Anyone with the least bit of prudence or discernment should have known that such a skeleton in the closet would inevitably be discovered. Evidently, the love of fame, money, and stardom won out.

While it is obvious by now that pushing your family onto television and marketing them as ‘perfect’ while hiding something like child molestation is a recipe for disaster is putting people to death really any sort of answer? Particularly when asked to forgive 7 times 70?

Here’s where Zsuzsanna starts going after Michael Pearl and his thoughts on the Duggars posted above:

Right in the middle of all this coming to light, I received the current issue of the “No Greater Joy” magazine in the mail, with the feature article being “Two-Front War on Christianity“, written by Micheal Pearl. Or, as my husband calls him, the “homeless looking guy.” Most people know him for his controversial book, “To Train Up a Child.”

You can still find the article here, though after the latest details about Josh Duggar coming out, I cannot for the life of me understand why they would not pull the article and post an admission of having judged falsely, along with an apology.

It became apparent right away as I read the article that it had been written and the magazine mailed out at the worst possible time – late enough to publish right as the second scandal broke, but early enough to get it out the door before the new issues came to light.

The article talks about how Christianity is facing war on two fronts: on one had from the world, the persecution coming from unbelievers. Secondly, from so-called “Christian Cannibalism.” This is the part of the article I want to focus on.

And then Zsuzsanna starts to take down Michael’s points one by one in her blog posting. This is all from her blog post Michael Pearl Makes a Fool of Himself

This is the real Christian cannibalism – Extreme Christian cultural enforcers and self-appointed leaders fighting like rabid dogs over a sliver of rotten meat for a tiny slice of control over others, no matter who they have to blame or shame. The real pharisees.  Not the average every day folks pointing out how hypocritical the Duggars have behaved.

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